The new pool was opened in Yakhroma (Moscow region)

The new 50-meter swimming pool eight lanes opened last Thursday in Yakhroma Dmitrov district, Moscow region. It is designed for the training of athletes, training with students and activities of local residents.

The two-story building is the indoor swimming pool built in the southern part of the Left Bank neighborhood, in it, in particular, provides shopping and entertainment, and recreational and sports complex for various sports.

The building consists of two blocks. In the main unit on the ground floor there is a swimming pool measuring 50 by 21 meters by eight lanes, with depths ranging from 1.8 to 2.3 meters. In addition, there is a room attendant manager, medical office, showers, accessories and technical rooms. On the second floor there are trainers for a workout.

Storey administration block includes a dressing room with preddushevymi and wash places, rooms for equipment, office space, lobby, paragraph Guard, IR, and cashier, a dressing room, a snack bar with ancillary facilities, the report said.

Construction is financed from the budget of the municipality and borrowed funds. The functions of the customer on construction performed by municipal institution "DUKSiR."

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