The new power plant delivered in Ust-Kamchatka area Bolsheretsky

JSC "KamGEK" has completed the construction of HPP-2 on the river Tolmachev. On Wednesday afternoon, power plant will be put into operation. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tulaev Kamchatka.

JSC "KamGEK" was created in 1995 for the construction of energy facilities using local energy resources of Kamchatka. JSC "KamGEK" is constructing a hydroelectric power station on the Cascade River Tolmachev, which includes the construction of three small hydro power plants with a total installed capacity of 45.2 MW, including hydro-1, the installed capacity of 2 MW, GES-2 — 24.8 MW , GES-3 — 18.4 MW.
In 1999 he was commissioned HPP-1, in 2001 — GES-3. Earnings and free cash flow from the sale of electricity produced by the Cascade hydropower plant, by a majority decision of the founders of the company have been focused on the construction of HPP-2.
The design power output of the cascade of 160.9 million kilowatts / hour (about 15% of the electricity consumed in the Kamchatka region). That’s enough to take the Morning-evening peak loads the central power, which ultimately leads to lower costs kW / hour. Since 2002, the project was included in the federal target program "Energy Efficient Economy" for 2002-2005 and until 2010, the sub-program "Energy efficiency of fuel and energy complex", 2008-2013 — in the Federal target program "Economic and social development the Far East and Transbaikalia until 2013. "

According to the Ministry of Housing and Energy Kamchatka, without entering the GES-2 the normal operation of cascade hydropower stations in the winter almost impossible. Open mountain section of the river Tolmachev, 7 km long, in which water is transported from the HPS-1 to GES-3, in winter conditions is potentially dangerous for the formation of traffic jams, ice jams, snow avalanches, which can block the channel of the river. A break of congestion can be destroyed located below the dam HPP-3 with the failure of the constructed cascade of two hydroelectric power plants. In addition, without the commissioning of HPP-2 is irrational use water reserves, which significantly reduces the efficiency of the cascade. With the withdrawal of the cascade at full capacity there is a real opportunity to cover peak loads in the central power unit, which will save additional fuel on the Kamchatka HPP-1 and HPP-2.

According to Sergei Tulaev, entering a new stage Tolmachevskiy hydro station — an implementation of the next stage of energy development strategy Kamchatka is another important step to avoiding the energy dependence of the region on an imported fuel. "The new station — this is an additional, efficient, modern, environmentally clean source of electricity — said the deputy chairman of the government of Kamchatka — most important — increasing the efficiency of power plant provides an additional opportunity to rein in the growth rates."

In the federal program "Economic and social development of the Far East and Trans-Baikal to 2013" provides for further financing of the construction of the Cascade hydropower plant on the river. Tolmachev. It is supposed to send the federal budget for the project in the amount of 764 million rubles. The design capacity of HPP-4 is 10 mW. With the launch of HPP-4 power generation project in the year of the cascade of 200 million kWh. Construction of HPP-4 and putting it into operation will allow more efficient use of water resources and the power stage.

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