The new production aircraft Tu-204SM performed its maiden flight

December 29, 2010 at 13 h 23 min. the first production aircraft Tu-204SM, piloted by a crew of commander minashkina Victor Alexeyevich, the co-pilot Dennis Vyazankin Jurevicha leading engineers Salatova Vladimir Nikolaevich and Filimoshkina Vladimir Nikolayevich, took to the skies and landed safely in 14 hours 15 minutes. All aircraft systems operated stably and reliably.

"The Tu-204SM — the result of tremendous hard work of a large group of" Tupolev ", related businesses and organizations, a significant achievement of the Russian aircraft," — said the president of JSC "Tupolev" AP Bobrishev. — "Glad to know that today a big step forward for the program of the Tu-204SM. I am sure that Tu-204SM will provide a sound platform for the development of new passenger cars, trucks and special aircraft. "
"Congratulations to the crew, the whole team of" Tupolev ", branch employees, employees of the production plant" Aviastar-SP ", suppliers of components and all who participated in the creation of the aircraft and provides the first flight of the aircraft," — added Mr. Bobrishev.

The liner is equipped with PS-90A2. This aircraft will be in the air without refueling for about nine hours. Flight range Tu-204SM about 4 thousand km, a 2-classroom arrangement 174 seats.

The aircraft is equipped with a new navigation, radio communication, instrumentation, which will operate the aircraft crew of three is not like it used to, and from two people.

Tu-204SM is a modification of the Tu-204 and meets the latest international standards of safety.

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