The new production line for eggs cassettes launched in Izhevsk

The new production line for cartridges for eggs at the company launched "Sputnik" Society for the Blind in Izhevsk
It provides all the basic cassettes poultry Udmurtia, as well as neighboring regions.
Today at the Izhevsk training and production enterprise "Sputnik" All-Russian Society for the Blind was inaugurated a new line of limp-2400 for the production of full-knobby cells — more familiar to consumers as cassettes for eggs. 


The event was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Ildar Bikbulatov Udmurtia, Minister of Industry and Energy of the Republic Oleg Radzivonau. They familiarized themselves with the company as a whole, looked existing production line of corrugated cardboard and knobby cells and examined with interest the new line. 
As said Ildar Bikbulatov, the opening line was made possible thanks to the departmental target program for the preservation and creation of jobs for people with disabilities. The program, initiated by the President of Udmurtia, for the three companies, employing people with disabilities, from the national budget allocated 78.5 million rubles for a three-year technical upgrading. 
On the part of the allocated funds in the past year, the company "Sputnik" has taken on new equipment — a modern line for the production of tapes for the eggs and the beginning of its installation. According to the focus of the "Sputnik" is engaged in since 2006. Until recently, the two lines are operated for the production of tapes for the eggs, which is issued every month 2.4 million pieces of tape. 
Ildar Bikbulatov stressed that the new line — domestic production. "Iron" domestic, — said General Director of "Sputnik" Ivan Trofimov — and automated control system — imported. On the quality of the line is not inferior to foreign analogues, but costs twice cheaper. The money saved to purchase additional equipment. " 
The new line will increase production capacity by 27 million rubles a year. When the designed capacity will be able to produce only on this line 1.4 million pieces of marketable products. By the way, today the "Companion" provides cassettes all major poultry farms of the republic, and delivers them in a number of neighboring regions. 
To install a new line of specially repaired previously used the room where once housed repair shops. Except for the line, the length of which is almost 30 meters, for workers here everyday comfortable rooms are equipped with: locker rooms, showers, a relaxation room. Since the work on the line is a non-stop cycle, employees will work here in two shifts. The new line will create an additional 24 new jobs, 16 of them — for the disabled. Total population in the enterprise employs 220 people, including 124 disabled. 

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