The new production line is running a brick at the Ust-Abakan brick factory (Khakassia)

Modern equipment will improve the performance of Ust-Abakan brick factory and improve the quality of the building material. Today, the line has been producing two thousand bricks per hour. And this is not the limit. The plant will gradually increase production capacity.

The new pipeline runs like clockwork. Brick by brick cut special automatic string. Experts say that the geometry of tapping blocks became more accurate, in other words, the quality of products has improved.

Vasily Hamina director BUT "Municipal Housing Fund Abakan":
With the launch of the new equipment we will improve not only productivity but also quality. Brick more regular shape, with time will increase and production capacity. Old brick production line until stopped. There will be a major overhaul of equipment. And that’s when it will start again, the plant will operate without failure for decades.

And naturally increase production volumes. But in this case, experts IWF not going to stop. In the future, will be reconstructed and brick kiln, increasing also its strength and hardness. Already, the new line can produce different kinds of bricks, but there is the leadership of the IWF idea in time to start production of the most valuable products.

Vasily Hamina director BUT "Municipal Housing Fund Abakan":
If everything goes well, we will come to that start producing facing bricks. But as long as we need to spend a lot of work to modernize the plant.

Face bricks in Khakassia is still no one was producing. And if housing community Abakan be a pioneer in this field, it will benefit not only the non-profit organization, but the entire city of Abakan. After all, for the construction of social objects do not have to book this building material from other regions, to spend money on shipping. Face bricks will be made in the Republic, which means that construction companies will cost much less. And the quality of it will not yield to those products, which now accounts for a drive through hundreds of miles of Khakassia.

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