The new production line is running on the company TATPROF

The company "TATPROF" (Naberezhnye Chelny) — a leader among domestic manufacturers of aluminum profile extrusion.

In mid-October, the company launched an innovative aluminum processing facility — the line «IDEAL Line».


It allows you to paint in addition to 350 thousand square meters of aluminum per month. According to the company, the total painted Profile "TATPROF" is 500 sq m per month of full scale «RAL». It was noted that the line is fully automated preparation of the profile for painting. All equipment used modern energy-efficient mechanisms, machines and technologies that reduce energy consumption by 17-19%.

October 28th the company "TATPROF" launched a new job press complex.


With the launch of the new press complex aluminum consumers "TATPROF" to yield:
— Reducing production time and the profile of the Order as a whole,
— Reducing the cost of production and, consequently, prices,
— The guaranteed quality of the profiles of any configuration.


Also, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan and the guests were shown press complex "P-200", which has no analogues in Russia. Total pressure is 1826 ton, working pressure — 290 boron, maximum capacity — 2000 kg / h Commissioning of the "P-200" — is an increase in output to 4000-4200 tons a month, and it is 25 percent more than it is today.

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