The new production line is running on Yuzhuralkonditer

Olga Smirnova, director of quality control of "Yuzhuralkonditer" "We are the only company in Russia do mini-rolls, rolled in the form of a washer, oven and we have one of the longest kilns in Russia."


This new Italian confectionery tape — unique. Its impressive length and performance. The machine produces one ton per hour delicacies. And it’s not much not too little — 20 tons per day. Now a sweet tooth throughout the Southern Urals will enjoy the most delicious coated and uncoated cakes, pastries on the edge and mini rolls. Already, the company "Yuzhuralkonditer" is preparing to release a wide range of sponge cakes "Merendinka" with original flavors.


Sergey Kiselev, executive director of "Yuzhuralkonditer": "We have taken into account the peculiarities of our local market and fellow city and the region, complemented line, in particular, brought four new types of pastries and rolls, they now appeared in the networks of the city, in the outlets."
Products "Yuzhuralkonditer" well known and loved by consumers throughout the region. High-quality, tasty and original sweets have already gained popularity and recognition. The range has expanded significantly, and therefore there was a need for new personnel. By now, more than 150 vacancies in different departments of the enterprise. 

Natalia Supper, compounders of "Yuzhuralkonditer": "It is not enough leading experts, they just need us, the work is certainly difficult, but you can be sure to learn everything, and the people we really need."

Workers’ Yuzhuralkonditer "do not forget about the most important of its customers. Graphic designers have done their best. For small and large branded sweets prepared Christmas gifts. In these creative purses, music boxes and huge lollipops kids will find the most delicious goodies from "Yuzhuralkonditer"

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