The new production opened in Kizilskoe district of Chelyabinsk region

In the village of Izmailovo honed work of the new production, an abandoned building in a former department store, the owner made a major overhaul and established bakery pastries and confectionery.

The shop is equipped with the most modern equipment, which reduced the cost of production, increase productivity, produce a wide range of high quality products. Entrepreneur Vyacheslav Porotkin engaged BAKERY for more than 10 years: "We started with a small, rented a bakery in the town of Karabulak, then moved to the village of Obruchevskoe where baked bread for a large number of nearby villages. Over time, production volumes and assortment grew, and time began to demand change, a new, high-tech, cost-effective equipment, more space for production. "

To date, the production of labor and probation more than ten people. Workers do not hide their satisfaction from the fact that today, their work is in demand in his native village, many of them previously worked only in seasonal work, someone went to work in the city, someone engaged in personal subsidiary farming.

To date, the range of production plant has more than 20 names, it’s a selection of white and rye bread, bakery and confectionery products: tubes with cream, profiteroles, cakes, cottage cheese biscuits and more.

Delivery of products is carried out even in the most remote villages and partially Kizilskoe Agapovka area. Local bakery and confectionary well compete with similar products from Sibaya and Magnitogorsk.

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