The new project Klimov closer to the leaders of the Russian aircraft engine

JSC "Klimov" engaged in the development and support of serial production of engines for the majority of helicopters "Mil" and "Kamov" jet engines for fighter aircraft, including the MiG corporation, is planning to launch in 2013 a new design and manufacturing facility in St. Petersburg, which should become a platform for the development of world-class competitive products. The Executive Director of the company in the "United Engine Corporation" (a subsidiary of JSC "OPK" Oboronprom "), Alexander Vatagin met with RIA Novosti and spoke about the prospects of the company.
— Alexander, sum up 2010: Which operating results of the company managed to achieve in the past year, if all plans could be implemented?
— In general, "Klimov" successfully worked toward turboshaft engines. It is commercially available for TV3-117 and BK-2500 as part of the production of new engines and a part of the service.
We have also fulfilled their obligations under the engine TV7-117V and shipped two motors for the Mi-38. In 2011, this trend will step further and will be publicly see the results of our collaboration with the "Mil" work.
Not high enough in our company work on an turbojet subject, we achieved the technical results that would like to have, and planned for 2010. Here we will have a very serious job in 2011.
— In 2009, according to Russian Accounting Standards "Klimov" received a revenue of 3.3 billion rubles, net profit amounted to 292.2 million rubles. Label the preliminary results of 2010?
— Since 2005, the plant shows a steady annual increase in revenue of about one billion rubles. Projected revenue company in 2010 will be about 5.5 billion rubles, net profit of 300 million rubles. Indicators are good enough relative to the industry. But we evaluate our results based on the development strategy of "United Engine Building Corporation" (APC). And from this point of view, we are significantly behind on the basic parameters that determine the efficiency of the enterprise, from our European colleagues. That is why today the company pays great attention to the project of creating a new kontruktorsko-industrial complex (CPC) in St. Petersburg, its implementation will not only to modernize and move to a whole new level, and in the organization of work, and in technology.
— Tell me more about this project? What have we done, what else is planned?
— We have received the endorsement of the State expertise on the project complex. Today we planned on a work plan completed, prepared construction site, we came to lay the foundation.
The project is estimated at approximately four billion rubles, the plan credited to "Vnesheconombank". With the support of the Management Company, we have received the endorsement of the pre-and we expect that by the end of the first quarter will be able to enter the loan agreement, thereby increasing the pace of implementation of the project. Credit is the main source of funding for the project, designed for seven years. In 2011, the order will be disbursed 1.5 billion rubles in 2010, this amounted to about 300 million rubles. Despite the crisis, we did not review the implementation schedule, in 2012, will complete the construction in 2013, will launch the company.
I can say that the industry as part of an integrated structure (APC) will be the first project that will allow us to get closer to the world leaders. Its successful implementation will ensure that the Russian helicopter engine is the future, we will be able to create a competitive world-class product.
— You mentioned that in 2010 expect to receive 5.5 billion in revenue. Indicate the company’s plans for 2011.
— We plan to stable growth. Revenue growth forecast higher than last year, approximately 1.5-2 billion. We will be able to achieve this mainly due to increased production. In general, given the fact that "Klimov" works according to Strategy Development Corporation (ODC. — Ed.) Calculated until 2020, today its further development, we can see clearly. I can confidently say that in 2011 our production will be loaded, we are fully contracted.
— Does the company develop any new products?
— In 2011, we expect that fully define jointly with JSC "Helicopters of Russia" in appearance engine for future high-speed helicopter, and would have formed the terms of reference. Today, despite the absence of such a reference, the engine of the future of the enterprise is, we are working in this direction on its own initiative. But with the actual funding and tight schedule, a full-sized work plan to begin in 2012.
— Tell us about cooperation, "Klimov" with foreign countries.
— International cooperation — the competence of the corporation (APC). We have to work on the external market, and it will only be for the company’s assurance that we will be able to stand on a par with world leaders, as recorded in the strategy of APC. Historically, the main customers "Klimov" — China, India, Middle East countries. In addition with "Rosoboronekport" is a series of projects in Latin America. And, of course, there is the internal desire and need to cooperate with Europe. At present, "Oboronprom" and "Russian Helicopters" is closely working with French companies, and for our company in this direction has a promising future.

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