The new prototype machine AEK-973S

Online spread photos of the new prototype machine AEK-973S. Information about the technical characteristics of this sample is not presented.

While it is possible to speak only about the external features of the new prototype AEK-973S. First of all, it changes the butt — developers abandoned in favor of a folding butt vydvizhnogo.Avtomat created under 7.62 ammo? 39 mm — intermediate cartridge designs NM Elizarova and BV Semin. It is considered the third most intense rounds of automatic in the world.

The first version of the AEK-971 (the last AEK-973S 7.62? 39 mm.) — Has been developed for the competition announced by the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, during which the machine was preferred Nikonov (AN-94 "Abakan").

The original version is quite very different from modern samples, as many innovations were perceived Soviet military department as surplus, which led to a simplification of the machine.

In the 1990s, machine has undergone a number of modifications and produced in small batches until 2006, commissioned by various law enforcement agencies of Russia, after which production was moved to the Plant. Degtyareva. Currently, the production of the machine is stopped so the cost to deploy and re-production will not pay off without a big order for these weapons.

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