The new radar system exploration rockets and artillery positions Zoo-1M

  • Complex "Zoo-1M"
  • Complex "Zoo-1M"

The new radar system intelligence positions rockets and artillery "Zoo-1M" was noticed at MAKS 2013.

Careful attention was attracted by the rank and file of various flights of aerobatic teams and aviation engineering at the demonstration site.

At the same time, Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" was first publicly demonstrated an upgraded radar system intelligence positions rockets and artillery "Zoo-1M".

The complex began to be developed in the late 1980s in the Soviet Union on the basis of and for the replacement of artillery troops operated in the complex ARC-1 1RL239 "Lynx" (artillery radar system) developed in the late 1970s. In connection with this new facility has also been placed on the base of the tractor MT forehead and has a superficial resemblance to the old complex.

But later it was decided to hold a radical modernization of the complex. In terms of features complex far exceeds any previous domestic product and many modern foreign counterparts. "Zoo-1M" ensures that all tasks of intelligence and fire control not only the responsibility of the brigade, but also in the area of operational command.
Multifunctional product to function enables simultaneous exploration of the enemy firing positions, control of their own weapons and space monitoring to detect various weapons.

In a special software complex adaptive algorithms applied the latest research, tracking and compensation of active interference from any direction around the exploration sector, as well as adaptive methods of digital processing of information to increase the accuracy of the coordinates, the probability of detection and identification purposes.

The complex provides an opportunity to study full-time calculation means with simulated flight of all types of firing systems for ambient background noise conditions. In radar provided protection calculation and equipment from the damaging factors of weapons of mass destruction, small arms, mine and shell splinters. KEY TTX radar 1L261
Position errors OP artillery, 40 m
Position errors OP MLRS, 55 m
Position errors SP tactical missiles, 95 m
Field of view, deg 90
Time expand / collapse, min 5
Power consumption, kW 70
Crew 3

Accommodation on tracked chassis enables the system to move in a heavy off-road. It is possible to perform all combat missions using only one piece of equipment (radar 1L261) from the complex 1L260.

Complex "Zoo-1M" in conjunction with the imparted artillery units can effectively resist the enemy artillery units.

  • Complex "Zoo-1M" in the stowed position
  • Complex "Zoo-1M" in the stowed position
  • Complex "Zoo-1M" on position
  • Complex "Zoo-1M" on position

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