The new recreation area appeared in Vladikavkaz

New recreation area on the banks of the river Terek opened Monday in Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia).
"Today in Vladikavkaz was solemnly opened another recreation area for residents and visitors of our capital. This segment of the embankment length of 600 meters in the area of the bridge Pozharsky", — the press-service of the City Hall.

At the opening of the waterfront in this place was the sculpture of a boy with car camera, which, like white-water rafting, jumping over the parapet.


The author of the sculpture was a young sculptor Ibrahim Hai, whose works adorn parks have Vladikavkaz. Thus, in the area of culm, located on the alley "Nardisty" — two elderly men sitting opposite each other and playing backgammon. Another sculpture — "Friends" is located on the banks of the River Terek in the form of a donkey and a dog that snares the leash donkey teeth.

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