The new recreation center opened in the villages of the Novosibirsk region and Yakutia

In the village of Novo-Shilov Novosibirsk Region has opened a new leisure center, the press service of the governor and the regional government. It is part of a complex designed Novosibirsk diocese in the village. There is already operating a rehabilitation center, an arts school, a temple in honor of the Mother of God "Sporitelnitsa bread."

The center was established with the support of the regional government, so in addition to the opening ceremony of the Metropolitan Tikhon of Novosibirsk and Berd participated Deputy Governor Cyril Kolonchin.  
A palace of culture — so you can call the new innovative cultural center, which opened on December 22 in Kerdeme. This two-story building, which will house the administration naslega, library, club, and further savings bank and post office.

A ceremony to mark the opening of the building took place on the first floor in a concert hall with a capacity of over 100 people.
It should be noted that the cultural center was built on the initiative of the population, which it put forward in December 2010. In February 2011, the draft of the future of the building was ready, and on May 7 laid the first pile.
Enterprises railroad did not remain indifferent to this project. Thus, materials of various types at the beginning of construction to provide general director of OOO "Corporation" Transstroi East "" Alex angelica, Deputy General Director of JSC "zhdya" Dmirty Trofimov, LLC "Elovskaya Transstroi" Valery Zhytnyk. Building framing cost 2,000,000 rubles was made possible with the personal involvement of people’s deputy of the republic, the head of department "Yakuttsement" Alicia Mamedov and many others. Contracting firm LLC "PolyusStroyServis."
Funds for the "popular construction" have been collected from all over the country, announced at the auction naslega, the district center and the capital of the republic. But in many ways, and much of the credit themselves kerdemtsev, and the head of the settlement Andrey Varlamov — were organized charity events to raise funds, through which it was collected more than 750 thousand rubles. From the district budget was allocated 4,000,000 rubles. Directorate "My Yakutia in the 21st century" — 450,000 rubles from the budget naslega — 8.6 million rubles. 
In September of this year, began assembling of heating systems and other related works. As a result, innovation and cultural center with a projected cost of 27 million rubles was put into operation.
The gala opening of the center was attended by Deputy General Director of JSC "Yakutia Railways" Dmitry Trofimov, deputy chairman of the Republic-wide movement of good deeds "My Yakutia in the 21st century" Rosalia Evseeva, general director of OOO "PolyusStroyServis" Cha5yl atlases, general director of LLC "Yakutgazstroy" Peter Ivanov, the head of Staff of the Chief District Nikolai Fyodorov, head of the municipality "premises of Zhemkonsky second nasleg" Andrew Varlamov and others.
Guests unanimously agreed that with the opening of innovation and cultural center of the village has entered a new level of development, and that so far the only example of kerdemtsev in the country, when the problems of social facilities, such as mail and the club have decided to once. And assured that they will follow the other regions. Thus, the present head of the settlements and Tatta Churapchinsky ulus said that such a path they have started the construction of cultural centers.

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