The new retractable trailer


"SPETSPRITSEP" has developed and released a new trailer extensible, allowing transport of indivisible loads of up to 18 meters and a width of 3 meters.
Five axle trawl with these characteristics has been made now for the first time — on special order. As an individual approach is the guiding principle and the hallmark of the organization, based on the model laid down, first of all, the client’s wishes. In order to provide the optimal solution of transport problems of the customer, the design department of the company "SPETSPRITSEP" designed sliding frame whose length ranges from 11.1 to 18 meters, allowing you to adjust it depending on the size of the load. In this case, the platform is equipped with a retractable widened, allowing for the need to change the width of the area of 2.5 to 3 meters. These design decisions have created a universal trailer: it is ideal for the transport of both overall and oversized cargo, and this makes it ideal for budget carriers.
It is also important that the existing parameters of the semi-trailer is extremely reliable in operation. This is achieved, in particular, reinforced construction spar with different grades of high-strength steel, through which the trawl from "Company" SPETSPRITSEP "capable of carrying loads up to 63 tonnes in the mounted position and up to 45 tons in an extended. Thus due to the use of steel, which facilitates the structural weight, the weight of the trailer is still quite low — 16.8 tons.
Development of the new model took relatively little time — about two months: The company has received an order in August 2011, and in October of semi-finished was sent to the client. It should be noted that the high efficiency of the work of specialists "Company" SPETSPRITSPEP "shall not be affected by it as the first time produced products, as already proven, fully complies with the requirements of GOST.
The new trailer is definitely perfect for a very broad group of carriers — from oil and gas companies to organizations utilities. However, each successive sweep, which is based will be based on this model, may not be similar to the previous one: depending on the preferences of the customers design department "Company" SPETSPRITSEP "is always ready to make the necessary changes and additions to their development — that is, in creative workflow on the market have the unique products of the company, already has found recognition from organizations such as the Federal Special Construction Service of Russia, "Gazprom", "Transneft", "Transstroi" and many others

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