The new road opened in Nizhny Novgorod

July 6, mayor of Nizhny Novgorod, Oleg Kondrashov attended the opening of a new road on Karl Marx Street in Kanavinsky town.

After the ceremony and the official start-up route with ribbon cutting, the head of the administration to assess the quality of the pavement the old "old-fashioned" way — rode in a car with a full glass of water on the roof. The mayor was pleased with the work of the builders of roads and noted that such asphalt should be on all highways of Nizhny Novgorod.

According to O. Kondrashov, the primary task for today — the organization of public transport in this area, to the comfort and convenience of the new road feel not only motorists, but also all the residents of the neighborhood. He noted that in August will begin installation of a contact network for the new trolley route and installation of 4 bus pavilions, for which there are special pockets.

"This is the first in the last 10 years, road, built solely on municipal funds. Meanwhile, the city desperately needs a modern high-quality highways. Now, we must strive to ensure that, in the year to open several such routes and the city administration will do everything possible. We will concentrate our efforts on construction of alternate road zakruzhennyh most roads of the city, such as prospectuses Lenin and Gagarin "- said A. Kondrashov.

The route connects the turning circle on the street Betancourt and sports complex "Meschera." The length of the six-lane road is 1183 meters. Here are equipped sidewalks and lawns, installed lighting poles.

"With the construction of the road, we used the latest technology, using a three-layer asphalt concrete, and installed a new storm sewer system. To operate the route gives guarantee of 5 years, however, I, as a general contractor, I can easily extend it to 10 years ", — the director of road-building company DSK" Virage "Valery Grigoryan.

According to experts, the road to ease traffic on the main streets of the neighborhood Mesherskoye Lake — Akimov and Meshcherskomu Boulevard. In the future it is planned to organize the movement of trolley looped around Meshcherskij lake, and extend the movement taxi.

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