The new Russian tank gun will receive a digital

Spool tankers will remotely. This is a major step towards the creation of the tank robot

The new Russian tank that will create by 2015 on the basis of heavy weapons platform "Armata", will receive a digital gun with remote control, told "Izvestia" a source in the defense industry, familiar with the project.

Crew will operate the instrument from an isolated bronekapsuly that can withstand a direct hit from all types of modern tanks.

— In the tank is fully digital control system. Channels of communication are protected from oppression and interception armor of the tank — it will not pass through any external signal. In this case, the crew will be separated from the engine compartment and the fuel, and ammunition from a multilayer capsule of armor and composites — said the "Izvestia".

According to a tank expert, chief editor of "Arsenal" Victor Murakhovski, 2 thousand of these tanks would be enough for the entire Russian army.

— With the increase crew protection and increased zhvuchest the tank, and then to solve the same tasks require fewer tanks than before — said Murakhovski.

According to him, with the advent of heavy combat vehicles on the new platform can seriously change the structure of the Army, which will lead to the emergence of new tactics:

— Well-protected machines on the basis of "Almaty was" more confident to be able to work at the forefront — this also applies to machines obstacle clearing and mine launchers systems, and heavy flamethrower system.

According to the forecast Murakhovski, tanks T-90, T-80 and T-72 that the Defense Ministry is actively upgrading, after the appearance of "Armat" go to the storage base for reservists.

First Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov believes that the emergence of unmanned guns propel Russia to a fully autonomous tank, which will be managed remotely, or hit targets in the automatic mode.

— Go ahead tanks, robots, who will work at the forefront of the most dangerous, and will be followed manned vehicles with crews that have to be addressed challenges — Sivkov painted a picture of future wars.

According to him, in the Soviet Union were the development of autonomous tanks, and by the end of the 1990s on the basis of the T-80 was established tank with fully automatic target recognition system. However, this development has not been realized due to the dissolution of the Union.

The Chief of Defence Armored Directorate Major General Alexander Shevchenko announced late last week that the project "Almaty was" actively implemented to "Uralvagonzavod". At the same time, according to Shevchenko, three years, you will see the car "in the metal."

The representative of the "Uralvagonzavod" assured "News" that all even better:

— In 2015, due to begin deliveries to the troops. And the car itself will be ready sooner.

An employee of the plant refused to call time machine creation and update its specifications, referring to state secrets.

The new Russian tank "Armata" developed since 2009 Uralvagonzavod in a modular-based heavy platform for a family of armored vehicles.

In addition to the heavy "Almaty was" commissioned by the Russian army developed middle platform "Kurganets" and light "Boomerang."


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