The new sawmill of Norwood in the Komi Republic

Company Norwood, Russian division of Norvik Timber Industries, November 26, launched a timber on a new mill in Syktyvkar (Komi Republic). 

  • Norvik Timber factory in the Republic of Komi

"We bought a second-hand sawing line in Norway in the summer of 2011 and for 15 months in Syktyvkar delivered the equipment and built a new plant," — said managing director Alexander Norwood Panyukov. 

The sawmill will produce approximately 90 thousand m3 lumber per year. Products will be sold in the markets of the CIS countries and also supplied for further processing of Byko-Lat (Latvia), which is part of Norvik Timber Industries. 

"In the Komi good quality wood fiber and availability of raw materials, and a new mill is strategically important for the movement of forward," said Sampsa Auvinen, CEO of Norvik Timber Industries.

In addition to the sawmill, the structure of Norwood has two logging company located in the Republic of Komi.

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