The new school opened in Barnaul

On the Day of Knowledge, wake up call in 1266 schools in the Altai Territory, sat down at their desks 244,000 children, among them — 25.3 thousands of first-graders. However, in this academic year, the first edge of the record belongs to a new school Barnaul school number 132. The fact that it parallels eight graders (198 children) — the first such figure in the Altai region. 

 This is not just a school, and a cultural and educational cluster: a 12 thousand square meters. meters apart from it — a kindergarten, a school of arts, swimming pool, playground schoolyard.

"It’s really School XXI century — not only in appearance but also in filling the educational process. Here, our children will receive all new — the most modern, advanced, best, "- said at the opening ceremony of Governor Alexander Karlin.

The head of the region emphasized the importance of the event: "Today is truly a great day in the history of the Altai Territory. We are launching a project that will be implemented in the future and in Barnaul, and other towns of the edge "- shared the plans of Alexander Karlin.

According to him, the construction of the school invested a lot of money — more than 300 million rubles from the regional budget and the edge of the capital. But it’s worth it. School of convenience is not inferior to European educational institutions: large, bright hallways, classrooms with necessary school attributes and appliances, modern dining room, a medical unit, an assembly hall, specially designed for dance class, two gyms, a large library, a computer lab … For the safety of the children can not survive — in school security camera.

"The design and construction, we set ourselves the task to a child, leaving her house, safely reached the educational institution. I believe that this problem is now solved to a certain extent, "- said the head of the administration of Barnaul Igor Savintsev.
He also said that in 2001 a quarter of the Industrial district in 2034 and the first quarter are built similar complexes. And this year, due to open two kindergartens. 

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