The new school opened in Naro-Fominsk district of Moscow region

The new school Aprelskaya Naro-Fominsk Moscow region held open house. For visitors there have been four Excursion route from an educational institution, and the guides have become her future students. Guests will appreciate the spacious rooms and modern equipment, watched demonstrations in the pool and competition in sports halls. 

The building was constructed on an individual project and a modern architecture. It houses 30 modern classrooms, radio room, a multimedia language laboratory, a workshop for processing wood and metal office processing of fabrics and more.

For first-equipped games room. To carry out school-wide events provided a spacious assembly hall. The building has two gyms — play and track and field. Medical unit is equipped with modern facilities, including dental. Also, the institution has logopaedic point.

September 1 of the school doors will open for 800 pupils

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