The new ship for the Navy RUSSIA

Research vessel (Sailing yacht) "Nikolaev" will open on May 12, the day of the parade of ships Black Sea Fleet, said the captain, "Nikolayev" Guy Yurchenko.

"Nikolaev" arrived in Sevastopol for permanent basing and May 12 will open the parade of ships on the day of the Black Sea Fleet. The ship is attributed to Novorossiysk, equipped with the most modern equipment for work at great depths and is capable of performing search and rescue operations in the interests of the Navy (Navy) Russia, "- said Yurchenko.

Research sailing vessel type "Nikolaev" built in the shipyards of Black Sea city of Nikolayev shipyard. In the world there are not more than a dozen of these boats, of which only two are working on the territory of Russia, said Yurchenko. 

"The command of the Black Sea Fleet has shown interest in joint cooperation in the field of exploration of the sea. Our equipment is capable of finding a coin at a depth of 900 meters, the imager identifies the creature at a distance of five miles in all conditions, but most importantly — on board," Nikolayev "You can charge respiratory apparatus with a mixture of helium and oxygen, which used to be available only on the stationary charging stations ", — said Yurchenko.

In addition, an underwater robot "Falcon", mounted on board, is able to carry out complex work and lift objects weighing up to 500 pounds on the surface of the water, he added. Displacement yacht — 93 tons, length — 24 meters, width — seven meters. The crew consists of nine members.

Black Sea Fleet Day is celebrated annually on May 13. The Black Sea Fleet was established in 1783 after the annexation of Crimea to Russia. The first item on his home was Akhtiar Bay, in the south-west coast of the Crimean peninsula, which was founded city of Sevastopol. Source:

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