The new ship for the Russian Navy was launched on May 18

JSC "Baltic Shipyard (CCL)" Yantarnameren May 18 into the water body of the new large landing ship (BDK) Project 11711 "Ivan Gren", which is being built for the Russian Navy.

  • BDK "Ivan Gren"
  • BDK "Ivan Gren"

As a spokesman for the plant Sergei Mikhailov, "at present the company is completing that precede be launched newly constructed ship. We expect that the official ceremony will be held next week on May 18. "

According to Mikhailov, BDK "Ivan Gren" was founded in December 2004. However, the financing of the Ministry of Defence has been fluctuating, especially in the early stages. Only with the end of 2008, money began to come more or less regularly.

Earlier, it was planned that "Amber" will build a series of ships of project 11711. But then it was decided that the Russian Navy refuses to similar BDK, added the press secretary of the enterprise.

As reported, in April 2012, the President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Roman Trocenko said: "It was decided that the newly created ocean-going ships will combine not only strike capabilities, but also perform tasks that are typical of amphibious ships." Ship of Project 11711 was developed in JSC «Nevsky Design Bureau" (St. Petersburg), and is a further development of an integrated and modern BDK Project 1171. This project is the only one in the world where the idea is realized non-contact unloading troops and equipment from ship to unequipped or gently sloping coast. This will occur through the use of serial pontoon funds.

The ship can carry in the hold of a complex series of pontoons, which will then be mounted to a pontoon bridge connecting the BDK and the coast, or used as separate swimming facilities. DBC will be able to take on board some 40 different types of existing and future vehicles, including heavy, each weighing up to 60 tons. Length of the ship will be about 120 meters, a displacement of more than 6 tons. The ship will have a defensive missile and artillery weapons, as well as to carry on board a couple of helicopters.

Previously announced that the Russian Navy has to be built a series of five ships of the project.

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