The new ship Makhachkala joins the Caspian Flotilla

New small artillery ship "Makhachkala" arrived in Astrakhan for entry into the Caspian Flotilla. 

"In the framework of the state program of rearmament of the army and navy, from the city of St. Petersburg in the backwater Gold — point-based ships of the Caspian Flotilla — arrived MAC" Makhachkala. "It’s a ship of" Desperado ", he successfully passed the state tests and will soon begin to bear service in the area of responsibility of the fleet on the Caspian Sea, "- said the source.

"Makhachkala" — the third ship of Project 21630 "Buyan" put into service in the Caspian flotilla. The ship was designed by FSUE "Zelenodolskoye Design Bureau" (Tatarstan), and built in the shipyards of "Shipbuilding Company" Diamond "" in St. Petersburg.

Due to the low rainfall and high maneuverability of the ship is able to solve a wide range of tasks on the river, in the coastal area, as well as in other "narrow" water areas. Able to deliver powerful fire strikes on enemy ships and on shore to clear the springboard for amphibious landings. The ship was built using stealth technology, making it hardly noticeable to enemy radar equipment.

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