The new shop — new perspectives

March 6 at Bratsk poultry noted housewarming. That same day, the opening of the reconstructed plant, whose work will increase to 65,000 poultry in one shop.


— Due to the modernization and reconstruction of poultry premises on which the federal budget spent 30 million rubles, we plan to increase our production volume. This is the second workshop, which uses the equipment of German company "Big Dutchman", corresponding to modern requirements of production. The room is maintained microclimate necessary for optimal growth of poultry feeding is automatic. These measures will increase the production of poultry meat per year, more than 400 tons — the director of Brotherly poultry Michael Teslitsky.

The uniqueness of the new shop is in the fact that there are only 2 working attendant (in the shops with the old equipment has 4 employee). Manual labor in the renovated shop is practically eliminated — everything is automated and there is no need to work the night shift. But the most important thing — to save energy and water.

— The bird gets food, light and warmth in abundance. And one more important thing — it’s a good safety and viability of the livestock in our conditions. Consequently, poultry — high quality — the main livestock Catherine Petukhov.

This is not the last workshop, which must be reconstructed at the Bratsk poultry. In run 8 even Improvement requiring repair and the new equipment. With the increasing population, it is required and the expansion of feed mixing plant. It should be noted that at the Bratsk poultry farm use only organic feed. 70% — of wheat, which are imported from farms Bratsk region. No chemicals, no antibiotics or growth stimulants, no genetically modified products. Instead added vitamins. Workshop on the preparation of feed is a top priority for the Bratsk poultry. All these measures are aimed at increasing the share of high-quality chicken meat at the local market.

Now I bratchan have a choice: on the shelves of several kinds of chicken — and the local poultry producers from neighboring cities and regions. Factory farming of Krasnoyarsk, Altai and other regions of Russia invaded its Bratsk, as written on the packaging, chilled products. Recall that the term of the chilled chicken — from 48 to 72 hours. And the question arises whether these companies will be able, according to the sanitary standards, in time to deliver the goods? As for two-three days time to not only bring products to Bratsk, but also to sell it?

With the possibility of reconstructed shops Common Poultry ready to supply high quality fresh meat on the shelves of the city in its entirety. Hopefully, bratchane be able to change their habits and do not buy products defrosted before sale of the neighboring regions, and will only buy local, high quality product, which contains a large amount of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins and is one of the important components of a healthy diet.

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