The new shop opened in rabbit breeding complex Roshchinskaya in Tyumen

The new shop on the content of breeding stock of rabbits for up to 1 thousand 020 animals put into production in the agricultural rabbit breeding complex "Roshchinskaya" in Tyumen.

"Roshchinskiy" — the largest producer of rabbit meat in Russia. The company is actively developing, implementing best practices in production management. The opening of the new shop — this is another step in this direction.

Modern high-tech imported equipment in the new shop provides comprehensive control over the livestock. Sensors monitor the readings of temperature and humidity in the room, regulate the supply of feed and water for the animals. Thanks to such modern equipment shop serves a single operator.
The head of the Tyumen region, Vladimir Gultyaev believes that the new technology will allow the company to not only increase economic efficiency, but also to reduce their production costs. "This will help" Roshchinskaya "feel confident in the present conditions, to expand markets for their products," — he said.

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