The new shop opened in the factory building ceramics in Khabarovsk

The new workshop will produce the building blocks "Teplosten" to quickly and efficiently build low-rise houses.

New production capacity — 750 thousand units per year (about 22 million cubic meters). This type of construction materials allows you to build quickly and cheaply without additional finishing facades. Blocks very good geometry can collect house of 200 square meters per day with a prepared foundation.

The factory building ceramics was opened in May this year to the 155th anniversary of Khabarovsk. 

These building blocks can be used in private low-rise buildings, low-rise complex building areas of apartment buildings, as well as to fill the supporting structures in high-rise buildings.

Currently Osipovka already under low-rise buildings houses built on new technology. Likely there will be put into operation more than 100 apartments.

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