The new shop Stirolbiofarm

On the eve of the Day of pharmaceutical worker in LLC "Stirolbiofarm" opened a shop for the production of pharmaceuticals in syrup and suspension dosage forms.


Gorlovka will now produce five new drugs for the treatment of broncho-pulmonary, gastrointestinal, inflammatory processes and the common cold — syrups "Ambroksol", "Taylend", "Lactulose", "Fenspirit" and the suspension "nifuroxazide." The shop is designed and built to meet the requirements of international quality standard GMP, is equipped with modern pharmaceutical equipment. Preparation of suspensions carried out in the hall, equipped with five reactors that allow mix volumes from two hundred to three thousand liters. The manufacturing process can be carried out in the cold and hot purified water produced by reverse osmosis modernized. Syrups are filtered on a special filter press. Management of equipment and loading of bulk solids are automated.

As the Honorary Chairman of the Company "Stirolbiofarm" NA Jankowski, the norms of the Ukrainian legislation in the field of pharmaceuticals meet the most stringent standards in the world, so that the assertion that the domestic drugs lower quality than imported, is not true. But be that as it may, and now the share of sales of medicines Ukrainian production is 25% foreign — 75%. Although the cost of imported drugs, on average five times higher than its domestic counterpart. Government set a target that by 2021, already 85% of the drugs were manufactured domestically.

— Understanding the importance of this task, our company sets new frontiers, — said Nikolai Andreyevich. — The plans of commercial production of anti-cancer drugs, suppositories, a new generation of antibiotics, interferon, alcoholic tinctures, ointments, drugs in soft gelatin capsules, cleaning substances. Our products are cheaper than imported ones, and will not give them quality. Let’s say "Cardiomagnyl" will be three times cheaper than the supplied from abroad. There are works on construction plant, which will produce unique to the Ukrainian pharmaceutical products — hard gelatin capsules. Before us is a great prospect to become a leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market and expand its presence in Europe and other countries.

Speaking to the factory workers, the mayor EV Klep noted the role of "Stirolbiofarm" and directly NA Jankowski in the development of the city and solve many of its problems. In order to prove that the company is socially responsible business, the children of the sponsored ozeryanovskoy schools here were given thirty tablets.

In the picture:in the new shop is already working.

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