The new Siemens factories in the industrial park Maslowski (Voronezh)

The delegation of OAO "UES FGC" visited the production cluster "Siemens" in Voronezh.

"Siemens" is going to make a major contribution to improving the electric grid complex of Russia, — said the head of the department "Energy Transfer", "Siemens AG" Karlheinz Springer. — To do this we create in Voronezh our production cluster. We have already opened here factories high-voltage equipment and transformers, and for them this year and followed by the production of gas-insulated switchgear (complete switchgear gas-insulated switchgear) … "

The new plants, "Siemens" — one of the first industries to open Industrial Park "Maslowski", Located in the suburb of Voronezh. In total, the industrial park will create 20-30 new plants that will produce different products, creating new industrial zone in the region.

In the industrial energy cluster "Siemens" in Voronezh comprised of three enterprises.

Plant OOO "Siemens Transformers" produces power transformers up to 200 MVA and voltages of different classes of up to 220 kV. The production capacity of the plant — 10,000 MVA per year, which will enable the production of power transformers 120-150 per year.

Soon, the plant also plans to start production of traction transformers for railway engineering.

Plant OOO "Siemens high-voltage apparatus" produces high-voltage switches and voltage class of 110 and 220 kV. Capacity is up to 500 units per year.

The company producing GIS will produce gas-insulated switches 110 and 220 kV. Its capacity will be approximately 100 cells per year.

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