The new sports complex Furor in Lugansk

Find in Lugansk free football field with artificial turf, and even in the evening, until recently, was a big problem. After work, some lucky people set off to play gyms, and the rest went home without parting with hope and find a place on the dance floor.

Now, with the advent of a sports complex located in the southern quarter, anyone can afford to play football, getting a shot of adrenaline and a good mood. 

Sports Complex was built in record time, — says Natalya Horsheva investor of the project. He is very popular not only among the players who come to play football with the whole of our city, but also from local residents, watching with interest the progress of the battles of football, actively cheering team. For children living in the southern quarter, all services are free — says Natalya Horsheva investor of the project.

Sports complex, called "Furor" is unique in that these open areas with covered elements in the Ukraine no. Both fields are suited for football, almost all year round. You can play in the early spring and hot summer and rainy autumn, and even in the cold winter, provided that the temperature will not fall below ten degrees below zero.

Above the roof is made football fields, in the evening they are well lit and fenced perimeter netting, which eliminates any inconvenience, both for the players, and for those who walk and live in the vicinity.

The complex has a comfortable, modern changing rooms, showers with hot water, bleachers can accommodate one hundred spectators. The size of football fields to meet all the required criteria and are 40 to 20 meters.

Another distinctive feature is the coating itself football fields. This is laid on the fields of SC "Furor" is not used in this country, almost anywhere. In the structure of the fields is no sand, crumb rubber, of which there is a smell. Covering the fields softer, less traumatic, it is convenient to perform various football items such as eg tackles.

The idea of building a modern sports complex with soccer fields, there was no accident, and for good reason. The family Horshevyh have players. Spouse Alexander big fan of the sport, despite his busy schedule, finding time for regular workouts and games. Son at one time was engaged in the famous Luhansk sportinternat that issued from its walls more than a dozen football "stars" of various calibers. And though the tune top teams in Horsheva Jr. did not work, the love of football remains in the heart forever. Father and son did not just go to the football field, but also are active supporters at the TV screen.

South Quarter for construction of a sports complex was chosen by chance. The investors themselves are living and working close by, there is the possibility of permanent control of the object, and the lack of a block of elementary conditions for playing football affected too. Not deterred Horshevyh even that is not quite the South prosperous quarter, due to the abundance of its territory drinking establishments with a dubious reputation. On the other hand, had a great desire to do everything possible to block the youth began to lead a healthy life, play football, play sports

Note that the fields IC "Furor" is played not only the usual luganchane, but the real "star" of football. Just recently came back to run a graduate of the Lugansk sportinternat, a former player, "Dawn," Kiev "Dynamo" and tit "Spartacus" as well as a number of European football clubs Sergei Juran, played for the national team of Russia on the European and world championships. Guest praised the quality of football fields and most sports complex "Furor."

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