The new sports complex opened in Noyabr’sk

Sports center in md. Vyngapurovsky (Noybrsk) was built at the expense of "Gazprom oil — NNG", less than a year. The other day it was opened by the deputy of the Tyumen Regional Duma, head of the regional policy of "Gazprom oil" Sergei Bilko. 

Prefabricated set for team sports built at the expense of oil, less than a year. Now Vyngapurovskoye boys and girls will be here watching football, volleyball, basketball, play badminton and tennis. The development of sport in the Yamal Peninsula — one of the priority tasks of large-scale program of social investment "Gazprom oil" — "Mother City".

Sergei Bilko, Tyumen Oblast Duma, head of the regional policy of "Gazprom oil":Sports complex "Zenith" Last year the center opened in Noyabr’sk similar complex will open next year in Muravlenko. Soon there will be also a new Noyabr’sk Ice Palace — Work has already begun in mkr.Vyngapurovsky further build poolAnother program will implement together with the administration Noyabr’sk, within its framework is built ten football fields,
construction stadium with a city-wide arts center. Many of Mr.
radoobrazuyuschie companies have decided that they must invest in the development ssotsialnoy infrastructure, particularly those cities in those areas in which their employees, residents of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District and is now systematically implement them.

Recent years, residents no longer surprised by the abundance of large social constructions in the city. Built and ready to openDistrict Centre for Infectious Diseases and AIDS th, trim ends District perinatal center, construction CSR in the 9th district, completed construction kindergarten for 120 places, but the object of the most anticipated, scheduled to open in late 2014, is2nd phase of active recreation areas. At 30,000 m2Author: hockey arena with artificial ice, a 50-meter pool, eight lanes, with two cinema halls 3D, multi-purpose sports hall, a shooting gallery for three galleries, table tennis courts, aerobics, dance, personal strength training, room for a game of darts, and in the entertainment part — children’s playroom, an experimental museum, a billiard room. Besides constructed in 226 thousand m2 housing, these volumes will begin to solve the problem of dilapidated housing and radically faster, the first mass housewarming party to be held in the spring of 2014.

More information about the socio-economic development of the city can be read here.

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