The new stand-test will help design KAMAZov

In the R & D Center "KAMAZ" mounted only in Russia stand the test chassis of the car.

Unique stand can simulate the load, the vehicle undergoes the operation on different roads — dirt and asphalt, as well as allows you to check the car in the "absolute off-road." Thus, an atmosphere close to actual use of the vehicle. KAMAZ zooms in on the subject plates, cylinders and underneath it, imitating the selected load. In this case, the automated system measures changes in the status of each wheel, the suspension and the entire chassis.

According to the director of the Scientific and Technical Center, the chief designer of "KAMAZ" Danis Valeyeva, the new development will shorten the road test, and evaluate load, which perceive the transmission and undercarriage of the car. In addition, KAMAZ specialists will be able to optimize the three-dimensional models of KAMAZ vehicles that designers use for computational research and the design of new types of trucks.

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