The new Su-35 fighter than many counterparts

Flight testing of the new Russian fighter Su-35 confirmed that the characteristics of it than many Western counterparts, including American aircraft of the fifth generation F-35, said Wednesday’s press-service of the company "Sukhoi".

Tests of the Su-35 began in 2008. On the eve of the fighter makes the 500th flight in the test program. Defense Ministry previously contracted to supply 48 Su-35 until 2015.

"The analysis of the amount of work performed can already be concluded that Su-35/Su-35S has a much better flight characteristics, compared with standing armed vehicles analogs, and established a complex on-board equipment allows solving a wider range of tasks "- said in a statement.

According to the press service, "the inherent potential in the airplane characteristics will exceed all tactical fighters of the" 4 "and" 4 + "type of Rafale and EF 2000, modernized fighters such as the F-15, F-16, F-18, F-35 and counteract the aircraft F-22A ".

Earlier it was reported that the state tests of the Su-35 finish in 2012 (now they are four serial fighter). At the same time tests are conducted three PAK FA (promising aviation complex tactical) — Russia’s fifth-generation fighter.

Su-35 — profoundly modernized super-maneuverable multi-role fighter of "4 + +". It uses fifth-generation technologies that ensure superiority over similar class fighters.

Reached the maximum speed at the ground is 1.4 thousand kilometers per hour, at an altitude of — 2,4 thousand kilometers per hour, the ceiling — 18 thousand meters. Detection range of targets in the "air" — "air" — more than 400 kilometers. This is significantly higher than were in service aircraft. Airborne radar can detect and track multiple targets at a range of over 80 kilometers. The complex is ready to undergo tests for combat use.

For comparison — the maximum speed that can develop the F-35 fighter — about 1.9 thousand kilometers per hour, the ceiling — 18,200 feet

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