The new Sukhoi Su-34 comes into service


In 2011, the Voronezh air base "Baltimore" has received 6 new Su-34.


 The plans of state defense order for 2012 is planned to deliver another 10 aircraft and bring the fleet to 26 machines of this type.

The Novosibirsk of "NAPO. Chkalov "will not seriously increase proizoditelnost plants, by 2015, to bring the figure of fronotovyh bombers in the Russian Air Force One unit 70. Air Force Commander A. Zelin said that all plans to increase the number of Su-34 in the Air Force to 120 pcs. Steps in principle justified, because at the moment the role of these aircraft is honored predecessor, the Su-24. They were discontinued in 1993, and no matter how perfect they are, it is time to make them change.


 In addition to the Sukhoi Su-34 is also planned to conclude a contract for the delivery of 40 multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm.



For the training of flight personnel Lipetsk aviatsentr just got these airplanes and simulators for the necessary skills on the ground. 



Earlier this year, the press service of the Defense Ministry gave bloggers the opportunity to visit one of the press tour. 

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