The new super-heavy launch vehicle and its prospects.

The project to create super-heavy launch vehicle (LV) "Community" using the technology of the Soviet program "Energy-Buran" as part of cooperation between Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine requires a comprehensive study of the deep, says researcher CCH "South" (Dnepropetrovsk) Jury Moshnenko.

Commenting on the request of the agency "Interfax" uttered by the president, principal designer RSC "Energia" (Russia) Vitaly Lopota on Monday proposed the creation of a tripartite co-operation of a new super-heavy launch vehicle "Commonwealth" Yu.Moshnenko expressed confidence that the project is promising and could become the basis for building a mutually beneficial co-operation between space complex.

"As you know, as boosters for RN" Energy "was used upgraded first stage developed and produced to date in Ukraine" Zenit ", which has already proven its reliability, efficiency and competitiveness in the long-term international commercial exploitation of the world market of space launch services ", — said the official.

In this regard, Yu.Moshnenko also clarified that the KGB developed "Southern" RN Zenith "has been produced for more than 30 years, its serial production is established in Dnepropetrovsk on ON" Pivdenmash "and the RN has been successfully operating in international space programs," Sea Launch "," Land start ", as well as in international research programs.

"Also, in the Ukraine developed and made the control system of" Energia ", its developer acts Kharkov" Hartron ", — he said.

"Production of the second stage of" Energy ", the return of the space shuttle" Buran "and the launch facility — this is the area of responsibility of Russian and Kazakh space systems," — he stressed.

"Of course, you need a deeper study of all aspects of cooperation in promising project, including financial and legal," — said the source.

According to journalists President, General Designer of RSC "Energia" Vitaly Lopota, RSC offers to meet future space missions to create a super-heavy carrier rocket "Commonwealth" with capacity of up to 70 tons with Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

"With ambition and political will it can be done in a few years and do not give in to our American colleagues," — said V.Lopota.

Rocket "Energy" — Soviet rocket super-heavy, developed RSC "Energia" in the 80-ies of the last century. A total of two launches of the rocket: May 15, 1987 with the mass and dimensional layout, and November 15, 1988 with the transport ship "Buran". In the early 1990s, work on the program "Energy-Buran" was suspended. By that time, at the Baikonur cosmodrome in RSC "Energia" there were a total of five buildings rockets in various stages of readiness. By the 2000s they were destroyed. Designed for the "Energy" rocket engine RD-170 is a modernized form used on the Russian-Ukrainian rocket "Zenit" (RD-171), and the American "Atlas 5" (RD-180).

According to correspondents, "military-industrial complex," news agencies ARMS-TASS, Interfax-AVN

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