The new system of exams for license


Blush for their students who violate the rules will soon have driving schools in Tatarstan. Traffic Police of the Republic for the first time in Russia has introduced a system by which you can keep track of not only the school, but even an instructor who taught once the offender. Under the hood of car inspection future drivers now get on the stage of the exams, getting individual barcode. 

Inject scanners — happy SAI

Last Tuesday, the traffic police Tatarstan officially presented a new system of exams for driver’s license, which is nowhere in Russia has not yet applied. Its essence lies in the fact that now each candidate drivers are assigned individual bar code, which subsequently allow the inspectors to obtain the necessary information about the person — where he learned to drive, and who have studied it at all. Told reporters the head of traffic police in the RT Rifkat Minnihanov, this system will allow to draw conclusions about the quality of training in driving schools. Statistics show that in Tatarstan, a growing number of victims of road accidents caused by motorists driving experience with up to 3 years. It is clear, of course, that experience comes with practice, but still from the instructors of driving schools, too much depends.

In order to force these institutions to comply with the unwritten code of honor in the country in 2009 to create a federation of driving schools RT, which governs the rules of the game us market. However, it still includes only 78 of the 278 driving schools available. In December last year, the Government of Tajikistan requested the traffic police and the prosecutor’s office to conduct a comprehensive review of driving schools, the results of which will be announced in September this year. The new system of admission examinations should also contribute to the identification of "bad apples" …

— Examinee simply puts a form with a bar code to the scanner, and the information about it is entered into our database. This data is the future of the driver, his driving school, a particular teacher, instructor, training time — said Rifkat Minnihanov. — In the future, it will give an idea of what quality it produces one or the other drivers driving school. If desired, you can sort through the work of each teacher or instructor — how their students behave on the road.

According Minihanov, the data will be taken into account in the rating of driving schools in Tatarstan, which can be found at STSI on RT ( Now, for example, one of the criteria for success is the driving school the percentage of students who pass on the right on the first try. Figure, of course, not entirely objective, but consider it when choosing a school future drivers can.

The second task you hope to solve the traffic cops Tatarstan with the new system — is to simplify your work.

— Previously, information about people visiting the exam, it was necessary to fill by hand. On average, it took about 5 minutes. Now the process is fully automated. Given the redundancy of traffic police, for us it is very important — said Rifkat Minnihanov. — Moreover, the army of drivers is growing every year. If in 2009 the first 66 thousand people have rights, then in 2012, already 71 thousand, and the last 7 months of this year issued more than 39 million licenses.

Transparent exams — transparent walls
Finally, the "third hare", which should kill the new system — a system of corrupt traffic police. The examples are not far to seek. Just recently, investigators gave the court a criminal case against 44-year-old inspector of Kazan, who designed the bribes wishing papers for exams without their participation.

— The new system will help minimize corruption — sure Rifkat Minnihanov. — So, if before the inspector could see on the monitor the progress exam — like any of the candidates answering questions ticket (in which case come to his aid), and now our employee only sees the end result — passed or not passed. In addition, we do not allow inspectors to walk around the classroom during an exam that could not come to "own" candidate. For greater transparency in the process we also made ekzamenovki viewed classes with glass walls — now the corridor can see what’s going on inside. In addition to the class of video surveillance.

The head of the Federation of Driving Schools RT Arthur Abdulzyanov, who also attended the presentation, said that the new system really ruin lives werewolves in epaulets and will help to make an objective rating of driving schools.

— And having passed the exam results will now be very difficult to fake — in fact intervene in almost unreal. Personally, I plead for such a change, since I know firsthand what is going on at times when the exams in the traffic police.

In the opinion of the head of the Federation of Russian Car Owners in Tajikistan Ramil Khairullina, system is still not perfect.

— Rating driving schools — it is certainly good, but whether to apply any sanctions against the worst that have a low quality of the training? — Shared his doubts with Khayrullin — Outsiders will entice customers with low prices and people will go to them necessarily, despite the ratings. So you should think about the deprivation of such a driving school license for a certain period of time. Besides driving schools have completely weaned from the traffic police, so that their employees do not have led a group of his students for the exam. Graduates should independently come to the Driver’s License — this will eliminate all kinds of arrangements and bawdy group. But in general, the traffic police to implement the system is moving in the right direction.

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