The new tanker Almetevsk with products TANECO opened the navigation of the Kama

With Nizhnekamsk oil depot in his first working flight departs after loading the tanker "Almetevsk." The vessel took on board the 4.8 thousand tons of production complex of refineries and petrochemical plants "TANECO", will go to the seaport "Big Port of St. Petersburg."

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Chief of crude oil and oil products OAO "Tatneft" Vladimir Karpov, the leaders of "TANECO" and Zelenodol Plant named after AM Bitter, representatives of enterprises shipowners.

Tanker "Almetevsk" project RST25 Zelenodol plant. AM Gorky is the first production tanker built at the shipyard of the Republic of Tatarstan. It has been carefully taken into account the special requirements of Russian and international oil companies and the requirements of high environmental safety "ECO» («CLEAN DESIGN» in the designation DNV).

Implementation of the "complex of refineries and petrochemical plants" was launched in 2005 with the aim of developing a new stage refining industry in Tatarstan. The initiators of the construction made by the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan and the company "Tatneft".

A key objective of the project is to provide a high-tech, efficient and environmentally friendly processing of oil with the release of competitive products marketable. In plants the first complex produced gasoline, heating oil, technical kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas, vacuum gas oil, fuel oil and sulfur. With the completion of the project envisages production of a wide range of high value added products of oil, including engine fuels of Euro-5.

The first stage of NPiNHZ "TANECO" steadily works in commercial operation since December 2011. Only in 2012, on his plants processed more than 7 million tons of crude oil, produced 980,563 tons of straight-run gasoline, 1,599,323 tons of vacuum gas oil, 2,019,731 ton commercial fuel oil, 2,137,893 tons of domestic heating oil and other products.

Currently, the products "TANECO" round shipped to the consumer by rail, by road, is pumped through a pipeline to the navigation season is transported by water.

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