The new technology of destruction of ammunition

Sappers of the Central Military District with the help of professional pyrotechnic Ural Plant (CPL) have introduced a new training ground at the Tyumen industrial technology for the destruction of missiles (PC), which allowed to completely abandon the blasting.

A new method which is to simulate the start with launchers and burning of solid fuel missile units, buried in the ground on the prepared sites, was known before, but on an industrial scale has been tested and has been introduced this week.

Today went to the landfill daily quota of 125 tonnes Introduced technology has brought to the industrial utilization of professionals CPL, many of which — the officers of the Corps of Engineers in stock.

Currently, in the Tyumen region without destroying the PC warheads, in the fall for recycling products will arrive fully assembled. By this time, the landfill will set developed by CPL machines with which the shells easily disassembled into three parts — the military, missile and a tail. Combat troops will be disposed of by a system P-40 "Destroyer", missile parts — by burning, after dismantling the shanks can be sent to the scrap without any additional manipulation.

Tyumen ground — the second in a CVO, which ended with the destruction of the transition from overhead charges to waste. In early April, thanks to the use of "Destroyer" blasting operations were halted at the site wide Karamysh in the Saratov region. In the near future bezdetonatsionnye technology is planned to translate the site of the Great Urals, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk regions, and in the future — all polygons CVO.

In 2012, the Central Military District eliminates more than 650,000 tons of munitions, including more than 100,000 tons will be disposed of at industrial enterprises, specialized workshops and depots, arsenals. The work was started on January 20. They employ approximately 2.5 million military personnel and 600 special vehicles. Currently, engineers and specialists CVO defense industry destroyed and recycled more than 150 tons of ammunition. The daily rate is about 2 tonnes, of which about 20 percent is liquidated by the new technologies without the explosions.

According to the press service of the CVO

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