The new terminal Pulkovo

At the construction site of the new central passenger terminal "Pulkovo" I ended March 14, in the company of two colleagues. In this volume, and angles of the new terminal building still no one showed, so to some extent, this first report, in which the object will be shown on all sides, top and inside. Watch it! The ceremony of laying the first pile of the new passenger terminal was held November 24, 2010, and the planned date of entry of a new terminal complex completed — December 2013 View from the roof of the old terminal Pulkovo-1 (from the "cup").

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In the photo: the construction of access roads and the multi-level parking for 560 cars. Exit ramp to the terminal. Completes the installation of piles and concreting of foundations, retaining system is installed and floors. A little further on is the long-term storage of outdoor parking cars for 1200 people.


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View from the platform — the old and new terminals. After the opening of the new old will be closed for extensive reconstruction. Famous glasses promised not to touch, touch the insides of the building reconstruction. The opening of "Pulkovo-1" is scheduled for June 2014.


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Future business center with a total area of 10,600 m2 and 11,000 m2 hotel. By the final stages of suitable finishing work — is floor screed, plaster and the construction of internal walls and partitions of brick. Hotel class will meet the highest international standards of service and is valued at four stars. It offers will be available 200 comfortable rooms.


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The diagram business center is more like a real one, on my picture much distortion from wide angle.

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Currently at the construction site with more than 3,600 people involved in the construction of 34 sub-contracting organization. Safety first!


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Read the instructions — wear a helmet and go to work!


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View of the access roads — there is almost ready. Telehandler series MRT retain necessary lift and easy to operate with heavy loads, relying on the wheel or the outriggers.


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The building of a centralized passenger terminal. The frame of the building is ready, completed the installation of metal roofs and installation of steel facade.


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It seems that the design is convex. No, not really.


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The diagram shows the new terminal and access roads to it. The scheme hangs in the arrival hall of the future. If the trees are actually planted, will be great.


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Prohodim arrival in the area. So far, all in the dust and glass sealed.


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Finishing work is in the high stage of readiness: built interior walls and partitions, are close to completing plastering, screed ceiling and laying ceramic-granite surfaces. Laid floor temporarily covered with plywood, which are moved by the workers.


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Also in the final stages of work on piping and ductwork and electrical work.


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Began installation of process equipment: baggage handling system (35% completed), installation of escalators (36% complete), and lifting equipment (10% satisfied) offices ASSB — automatic baggage sorting system, the heart of the airport and its circulatory system in one aspect of the plane Baggage first come here. Here it is automatically sorted and distributed by sector.


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And here is our suitcases and bags will pour on the tape issue.


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Such tapes baggage will be seven.


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And Escalators — 17 pieces of the terminal.


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General view of the baggage claim area


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A component tape.


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Upstairs, apparently, will be gallery.


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Shy guys spread the glass wool.


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We pass on the future boarding bridges along the side of North Gallery. View from inside …


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And outside. Right not included in the frame round exit from the underground moving walk. His way, abolish.


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Light transition from the terminal to North landing gallery.


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View from the gallery. To the left center of the photo you can see the white-and-blue body business terminal Pulkovo-3.


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Place dock apron.


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We looked at? Go ahead.


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150,000 m2 — the total area of the new terminal. 17 million people a year — the capacity of the future terminal departure lounge.


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Tall ceilings do not fit in the frame! 40,000 m2 — the area of the roof of the main terminal building. Vnukovo Sound familiar?


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VVSS — not much, not enough, and the Northern Capital Gateway!


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Natural light in the afternoon.


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In December

2013 will be put into operation: Airfield (controlled) area and the engineering system for the airport, which include:

• reconstruction of the platform number 1 (for 63 aircraft parking pads with processing aircraft deicing fluid, engine test site and the site for the storage of snow;

• hydrant fueling system;

• The apron for parking and maintenance of aircraft cargo terminal area of 50 thousand square meters;


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• Provide service building Electrolighting Flight (ESTOP);

• base ground handling of aircraft, including storage areas for equipment;

• Two-and-rescue station.

• Power Center that provides a centralized heat -, cold-supply of airport facilities and its own electricity generation capacity of 10 MW;


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• Domestic airport systems of power supply; heat, cold, water supply, sewerage systems, drainage diversion of storm water runoff, the two new stations for storm drains, internal airport communication systems, fire extinguishing system.


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295 pieces of equipment working on a construction site.


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Two Three photographers working at the construction site.


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500 miles — electrocommunications total length of the main terminal building.


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70 miles — the total length of pipe main terminal building.


It took 550 days for the construction of the contour of the main terminal building.


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16 500 m2 — Total area of glazing. 3,000 piles installed during construction. 88 check-in desks, 14 boarding bridges, 110 passport control booths, 45 elevators, 17 escalators.


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I hope to be among those invited to the opening of the terminal in December and one of the first to show what happened! [Subtly hinting] :)


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