The new tunnel opened on the 86th kilometer of the Transcaucasian Highway

At an altitude of almost 2000 meters. Construction of almost 400 meters long now protects one of the high parts of the road from avalanches and rockfalls. The tunnel is unique in that is erected on the site with a maximum permissible deviation. It was built with the most modern safety requirements and is provided with the latest equipment. Video cameras, fire alarm system, public address system, the primary and backup lighting. All this is controlled from the control console. All of this will ensure year-round and uninterrupted communication between Russia and South Ossetia.

Gaioz MIGA, head of the North-Caucasian Highway: "For many years we were suffering. Lots of avalanches was. Weeks was not travel. And now — the issue has been resolved."

The tunnel is made by European technology. During the construction of road workers have applied the so-called reinforced concrete. It hardens instantly, thus has a high strength. The slopes are secured by a special net — a reliable protection from rockfall. There are emergency lighting, if there is a power outage.

Inside the tunnel installed the most modern means of fire and alert. Along the entire length, which is almost 400 meters, surveillance cameras and phones to communicate with the operator. All information is supplied to the remote attendant and allows for emergencies, respond as quickly as possible.

Oleg Sidorov, deputy head of the construction, renovation and design of roads of the Federal Road Agency, "a major operation, a tunnel is built with the use of new technologies, reducing construction time and a half years. Tunnel is located on the slopes of limit allowed by our rules and regulations. His quality and performance to meet all safety standards. "

On the Transcaucasian highway is planned to build a series of tunnels and structures. Already there are large-scale work to repair the Roki tunnel. The main objective — to make transportation between Russia and South Ossetia safe all year round.

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