The new village school opened in Krasnoyarsk

New Reshotinskaya school number 1 in just two years, was built in the village of Lower floodplain Nizhneingashskogo district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. 

September 1st new school opened its doors to 460 students. 
The school principal Tamara Goldenkov presenting institution governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai Lev Kuznetsov, explained that so far the learning process took place in three buildings, one of which was found in an emergency.

"In 2011, construction began on the new school, and now our students will learn in a modern single educational complex. Emergency building will be demolished in a former elementary school will be deployed kindergarten for 100 places. Even in one vacant two-story school building will be relocated Children’s Art School and the station of young technicians, "- said Tamara Goldenkov.

The new school, which was built in the village of Lower floodplain, is equipped in accordance with modern requirements to equip educational institutions. There is mounted a local computer network, all classrooms are equipped with interactive systems. The building is connected to the Internet and the electronic library of the Siberian Federal University. The school equipped not only subject classrooms, reading rooms for students of all ages, but also the laboratory where students can work on research projects, develop new technologies. Also in the range of school facilities include a dining room with 240 seats, conference hall with makeup and wardrobe, media library, a sports hall and gym, volleyball and basketball courts, a hockey, cross-country track and a football field with a mixed finish. In the school health unit includes not only a pediatrician and dentist offices, but also a treatment room.
In addition, energy-efficient technologies have been introduced during the construction of the school — as modern ventilation system, temperature sensors to automatically adjust the temperature in the school environment, the system is equipped with central heating controls off. Safety of school children will also provide internal and external CCTV systems, fire alarm system, emergency lighting system.


In Krasnoyarsk, after a two year renovation opened a school number 39.


For the new school year, the school received a new bright rooms, spacious halls and school stadium, including the playing field, jogging tracks, sectors for throwing and jumping length, gym complex, stands. Both teachers and students have announced September 1, 2012 shkoly.V second birthday celebration dedicated to the beginning of the school year, attended by the head of Krasnoyarsk Edkham Akbulatov. Even before the line he passed through the school, met with the material-technical base of the school, examined the dining room, gym and auditorium, went from office to office, talked with the teachers. 
Welcoming the participants of the solemn ceremony, the mayor stressed that the work on the modernization and development of the network of educational institutions in the city will be continued in the future. "Already under construction of additional housing high school number 9, on the school field Yastynskom, project documentation for the construction of schools in residential areas Pokrovsky, Innokent’yevskiy" — told Edkham Akbulatov.
Recall that on September 1 the new school year has begun for 89,000 Krasnoyarsk school students, including 10,000 first graders. 

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