The new VIP-terminal at the airport Koltsovo

This pattern of Stalin’s empire, built in 1954, has long been a hallmark of the main air port of the Urals. Its exterior combines the elements of Baroque, Empire XIX century, the late classical and Art Deco, the combination of pomp and luxury, grandeur and monumentality.  Having met him face to face, visit Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) more than once to see his stylistic brethren in the central streets of the city. This building of the Sverdlovsk City Council (1947-1954, architect G. Golubev), the District Military Officers (1940 Architect V.V.Emelyanov.) And many others. It is said that the post-1945 architecture has become one of the priority areas of the economy. It has become a means of spreading optimism and confidence in the speedy recovery of the country. In this sense, the monumental Stalinist architecture has become a means of promoting the state ideology.

With the passage of time and the growth of the airport, the old airport building gradually lost its importance, but has the same functionality. As well as sixty years ago, it is still pleasantly opens its doors for passengers. The truth is not all. On the status of guests say this is a small plaque at the main entrance.

What do these three letters? VIP, this is not just a single terminal. First of all, it is a set of privileges and it begins with its own parking space, spacious, secure and with plenty of empty seats. You can come on your own car, or you can request a transfer.

The first person you meet, passing through the front frame (yes, safety measures apply here) will be nice girl behind the reception desk.

Anna smiling and benevolent care of everything, giving you time to relax before the flight. As long as you drink coffee, for you will be registered and will hand over the luggage, hold the necessary formalities with customs, will issue a boarding pass.

Now it is necessary to look around and decide for yourself what to do in the released time. Wide choice of course, but then you need to take into account that you are "the man in the road", and of the relevant requirements. The most banal, it’s just collapse on the couch watching TV and stretch my legs. It remains only to choose this very sofa.

Now I can look around. The interior echoes the exterior of the main hall of the building. All the same good old stalians rather Stalin’s empire. He currently remains quite relevant. This new style of post-war, with all its stiffness carries a cozy old regime.

Imperial scale, luxury and pomp arrogant empire designers have mixed elements of Baroque and Classicism, adding a bit of art deco. Stalin’s empire in the interior has its own distinctive features: an abundance of decorative molding and classical elements, the use of wood in dark colors, the use in the design of buildings Corinthian and Doric orders, and Soviet symbols. Photos of the old Sverdlovsk are binding threads with istoricheskimproshlym this place.

If an abundance of open space and the air above his head seems redundant to you, then you can move into one of the many offices,taking a book off the shelf. Yes, if it seems interesting, you can take it with you on a flight.

Dimming the lights, you can give your eyes a rest, and if the draw thick curtains, and then ears. You disturbed only by inviting the landing.

Or invited to the table at breakfast you have ordered … well, or dinner.

Long road, it’s always stressful for the body, the inevitable physical fatigue and emotional tension. Surest cure for these ills — a warm shower and a plush robe. Behind these creature comforts welcome to the second floor.

Here you get essentially a small, cozy hotel with a few suites, where you can sit in solitude and great company. Interior design is a time shift, approaching the art deco, but keeping the stylistic unity and not going beyond the era staliansa. In this style dominated by bright colors and a sense of luxury is present in every cell. Art Deco took its name immediately. Before he became known to us as his "name," and called it "jazz modernity" and "streamlined modernity" and "zigzag moderne". Aviation theme is reflected in the design of the ceiling, made in the form of panels of the cabin.

To describe art deco in a few words, this style can be called a synthesis of neo-classical and modern. The characteristic features of this style were (and still are to this day) metal fragments of the interior and furniture of fine wood, fine fabrics, skins, crocodile leather and trim made of glass and ceramics.

Wide-open door like the purpose of our visit — to visit the bathroom.

In terms of design choices here are extensive, from the neo-classical to avant-garde.

But it also happens that, even in the way things do not want to leave you. Well, VIP-terminal is ready to become a venue for business meetings and conferences. Well-equipped conference room, with a unique interior and a view of the airfield, at your service.

For meetings that require less business and formal setting, perfect living room fireplace.

Well, the airport employee already makes allusions to invite you to the gate. Too bad, we could still spend half an hour in the cigar room, enjoying the works of Cuban torcedores, and so it is time to hurry. At the entrance to the platform, under steam, is a radical black AUDI A8, which will take you directly to the aircraft. The crew and the passengers are just waiting for you.

Have a nice flight
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