The new wastewater treatment plant in Vladivostok: waste will be almost no

Construction of treatment facilities was completed in record time — 2.5 years. By September, they will be displayed at full capacity — 160 thousand cubic meters of sewage per day.

The object can be called a factory for the production of pure water from sewage. The resulting output water, purified of all impurities and disinfected by UV installation on the parameters close to the drinking, but it will only be used for watering lawns and cleaning of city streets.

The implementation of this large-scale project will collect and process all domestic waste water in the city and stop the pollution of coastal waters.


When using multi-stage processing of waste cleaning: mechanical, biological and tertiary treatment through self-cleaning filters.

At the first stage, all of the solid and inorganic waste is separated from the liquid. Then it is packed in sealed bags and transported to the landfill, where they are recycled. In the second stage effluent coming into the sand trap — sand washed from the mineral and settles to the bottom. At the bottom of the scraper equipment collects it in the pits and a submersible pump sand goes on in a big peskovodu peskobunker. There will dry and dehydrate it, then sand can be used as an anytime and anywhere.

After cleaning the sand from liquid waste enters the biological treatment units — in which microorganisms transform the hardworking foul-smelling liquid into the water.

At this stage wastewater treatment uses special bacteria "Discard" of an organic component. — This is a huge aerotenkah where used both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. The population of bacteria (sludge mass) is already "settled" on the central clearing. Now the task of specialists of the enterprise — to increase it to such an extent that it can process per day the entire volume of runoff Central area — 160 thousand cubic meters per day.

Size mud mass will automatically be adjusted depending on the amount of wastewater. If it exceeds the required dose, the portion of the sludge goes to the station sludge dewatering. Excess sludge is dewatered and pressed, the output is a fertilizer. This is — pure organics, which can be used in cottages or in landscaping of the city.

All of the water after the biological treatment unit enters the post-treatment unit, where runs through the self-cleaning filters. Then it goes through the channels, where the UV disinfected and discharged into the waters of the two bays for 1.5 kilometers from the coastline.

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