The new weather station on Sakhalin feels even forest fires

On Sakhalin opened the weather station equipped with the latest equipment. Now the experts will be able not only to predict the weather, but also around the clock to monitor the fire situation and the movement of ships at sea. In addition, the station will also become a scientific basis for local university students


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Under the big round dome — the antenna longer than two meters. The equipment at this weather station — one of the most advanced in the peninsula. It can obtain various information from all satellites. Under control — safety of navigation, ripening crops in the fields and fire hazards. Technology capabilities will be enough to fix even a small fire. 

"As an auxiliary this information, we can certainly be used for fire detection and suppression," — said Nikolai Kopeikin, deputy director of the flight service of the regional autonomous institution "Sakhalin air base."

The human factor is eliminated. The sensors operate autonomously, even in the absence of power. The antenna itself chooses the desired angle satellite and reads from it the necessary data. The process of constantly monitoring engineers. To communicate with the satellites, the system must work around the clock.

"This is one of the fastest antennas. Literally takes a minute or two for guidance. Satellites and components of the auto search. Antenna itself decides to any satellite tie up" — says the engineer Matthew Kononov.

The new equipment will allow, and serious scientific work. On the basis of meteorological stations trained students Sakhalin State University. Already, future researchers practiced in deciphering these satellites. Subsequently, they will be working on offshore projects, including overseas. All the necessary skills students acquire during their studies.

"This autumn will come with the first teachers of Newfoundland, the University of" Memory. "They have come to give lectures to our students by Western standards," — said Vladimir Pishalnik, Head of Oil and Gas Technology Institute Sakhalin State University. The minimum term of the station, according to specialists, — 10 years. During this time, the scientists and staff of the university are planning to use all the features of the latest equipment.


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