The newest armored Typhoon-U for superior protection available in the Army armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles


In 2013, the armed forces will receive the first batch of pilot production of tactical protected multipurpose vehicles "Typhoon-U". They should be involved in government and military trials.

In total, according to the site rosoboronpostavka.rf must be made 30 units of this equipment totaling $ 1 billion 74 million rubles.

The creation of these cars is the kind of technological breakthrough of our defense industry, because, despite the urgent need for them ever since the war in Afghanistan, the Army was satisfied only by truck to a local booking.

If such a technique has brought our troops before, you could have avoided the many victims in this protracted conflict in the North Caucasus and peacekeeping operations conducted by the Russian army in the last 20 years.

By the way, the designers did not sit around, even in the face of limited funding work on a promising technique was carried out, but for obvious reasons, these machines are not purchased.

And a couple of years ago, it became known that we have in Naberezhnye Chelny and Miasse created a promising family of vehicles "Typhoon". KAMAZ option to the main title has received the designation of "K" and the cars from URALAZ become "typhoon-U". The first public demonstration of armored vehicles has caused a storm of enthusiasm, even people far from military technology, and they recognized that we could do no worse than in the West.

Indeed protected "Typhoon Y", in particular, has a sufficiently impressive weight of about 24 tons. In armor protection using the most advanced technology of international level. Radically increased mine resistance. In addition to the traditional V-shaped bottom, it is made of laminated self is specifically Mine Action pan. In addition, the floor inside the machine is made by elastic elements, personnel are placed into special shock-absorbing seats with headrests and seat belts.

This design was calculated by specialists nuclear center in Sarov.

The result is a machine, in comparison with which all currently available in the Russian army armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles seem to be just bad secure "tins".

Powerful Yaroslavl Diesel 450 hp able to overclock this armored car to 105 km / h on the rugged terrain this car can move at a speed of 50 km / h Power reserve with a record amount — up to 1,800 km. Capacity is 12 people.

Armored vehicles of the family can be equipped with weapons and, in particular, remote-controlled machine gun "Kord" 12.7 mm.

The car was already shown at international exhibitions and has been praised by foreign experts. It is expected that after the "Ural" will go on trial and armored "KamAZ". Requirements of the army in such machines is estimated at tens of thousands, so enough work for everyone. It is possible that follow, and export orders.

"Bulletin of Mordovia"

Photo V.Vovnova A.Hlopotova, R.Sorokina

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