The newest destroyer will replace three classes of ships

Model of one of the early versions of the new image of the destroyer
Model of one of the early versions of the new image of the destroyer

Destroyer of the new generation, the development of which is now under way in the interests of the Russian Navy, will have to be replaced at once three classes of vehicles: in fact, destroyers, large anti-submarine ships (BOD), and possibly missile cruiser project 1164, told "Izvestia" a source in the defense industry complex.

— It will be a versatile vehicle that will be able to replace all three projects. Due to modern weapons, he will excel in anti-submarine capabilities of BOD, and the drums and air — today’s destroyers and missile cruisers, except for "Peter the Great" and his classmates — said the newspaper.

— The main asset of the new ship should be a universal shipborne firing system, which you can download a variety of missiles and torpedoes, and air defense systems of the new generation. Now comes the testing of several variants of the project, the choice of the power plant. Depending on the needs of the fleet and budget constraints may get a new destroyer nuclear or gas turbine unit — the source added, "Izvestia".

Russian Navy should get 14-16 new destroyers, which form the basis of the combat power of the surface fleet, according to the military.

— These destroyers will actually be able to replace several classes of ocean-going ships. They are necessary to ensure the surface fleet striking power and protection from enemy aircraft. Today, the Navy corvettes and frigates are being built, but it is primarily anti-submarine ships, destroyers are much inferior in impact and opportunities in the power of defense — said "Izvestia" a source in the Defense Ministry.

14-16 ships built for 15-20 years, will replace the existing ships of the first rank, and even slightly increase their number. The fleet will be able to quickly form a small but very powerful attack groups of destroyers and three or four smaller ships. This will provide the foundation on which to build for more than a large diverse compounds, including, depending on the objectives of nuclear-powered missile cruiser, amphibious assault ship, an aircraft carrier and submarines, he added the newspaper.

The destroyer is designed for a new generation of Russian Navy for several years. In summer 2011, Russian Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky told the press that the new ship construction could begin in 2012. Displacement prospective destroyer, depending on your choice of weapons and power plant will be from 9-10 to 12-14 tons

Ammunition of the anti-ship missiles, anti-submarine missile-torpedoes, cruise missiles for firing at ground targets and anti-aircraft missiles of medium and long range will be from 80-90 to 120-130 units. The artillery armament will consist of two to four 152 mm caliber guns in twin gun mount. In addition, the ship will have anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems melee and air group of two or three helicopters.

Like other ships of the new generation destroyer receive the latest military information management system that provides the possibility of collective defense and fire control of a unit ships with a command post. Today, these opportunities have only the U.S. and its NATO allies have in the Navy ships equipped with such a system of "Aegis".

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