The newest destroyers with missile defense elements in Russia will be built in 2016

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United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) in 2016, plans to lay the first ship in the series of destroyers with the elements of a missile defense (NMD), said Friday the head of the Roman Trocenko Corporation.


"There is talk about building a series of six destroyers eskadrovyh new model with elements of missile and space defense on them," — said Trocenko reporters at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.


About what particular elements of the missile defense system in question is not specified. According to the head of USC, designing destroyers already begun, "laying of the first ship will happen in 2016."


The project is developed by experts destroyers Northern Design Bureau, added Trocenko. Build order will be in St. Petersburg. "Most likely, the order will be divided equally between the North and the Baltic shipyard factory," — said the head of the corporation.


"It will, in fact, the reference point of the Russian space defense system in the world’s oceans," — said Trocenko destroyers of the new series.

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