The newest gun systems for naval ships was successfully tested


The first production model made of "CRI" Petrel "advanced 100-mm automatic naval gun mount A190-01" Universal "has successfully passed the qualification test, confirmed full compliance with the requirements of the customer and shipped to military shipbuilders to equip small missile ship" Hail Svijazhsk "project 21631, under construction at the shipyard Zelenodol’sk named after M. Gorky. This Central Navy Portal source in the "savages".

According to the terms of reference of the Navy in the Central Research Institute "Petrel" created a 100-mm automatic gun ship setting a single-tower. It has a rate of 80 rounds per minute and the ability to hit targets at a distance of 20 km in the angular range from minus 10 to 85 degrees vertically and plus or minus 170 degrees over the horizon. This artillery system designed to equip the ships with a displacement of 500 tonnes, given the index of A190-01.
Management is remotely controlled gun systems with automatic performance of all operations, including bringing the installation to combat readiness, the choice of the right weapon, his serve and loading, aiming the barrel and shot. 
Availability of electronic automation systems and control greatly simplifies the preparation of A190-01 for combat use, firing, continuous diagnostics and status communications mechanisms. 
There is a possibility of operator training without the inclusion of the basic mechanisms of action of artillery systems.
Turret gun mount cover, made by technology Stealth, reduces the visibility of the ship’s radar equipment to the enemy. 
In late 2010, the Russian government decided to organize the mass production of A190-01 in the Central Research Institute of "Thunderbird." This enterprise is considered the most prepared for the production of technical systems of such complexity. Formed industrial cooperation with the inclusion of the leading companies of artillery branch. 
After the modernization of production facilities and careful process of preparation put into production a series of samples A190-01 for the Navy ships to be constructed by the state armament program for the period up to 2020.
At the same time experts CRI "Petrel" held gun mount design improvement relating to the transfer of modern element base electric, hydraulic equipment and automatic control of the complex. These changes help to improve system reliability.
The first production model of the new A190-01 installation is made and passed fire testing on a large scale — more than 700 shots. Tests have confirmed full compliance with the requirements of the installation specifications and performance measures for its improvement. Confirmed reliability guns. 
SMU functioning of industrial-technological complex and reliable partner of CRI "Petrel" for cooperation, such as OAO "MZ", JSC "Uraltransmash", JSC "Murommashzavod," Institute of "Signal", JSC SKB PA and others.
In CSRI "Puffin" is assembling and debugging regular samples A190-01 program in 2013. 

Text: The Central Navy Portal






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