The newest nuclear-powered ships are designed to CDB Iceberg


At OAO "CKB" Iceberg "(St. Petersburg) designed three nuclear icebreakers with nuclear power plant of 60 MW for year round freight transit along the Northern Sea Route. They descend on the water by 2020. This was announced on Tuesday, deputy head of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosatomflot" on the operation of the fleet Andrei Smirnov.

"The cost of construction of three vessels is estimated at more than 90 billion rubles.", — He said.

Presumably, the new nuclear-powered ships will be laid at the shipyard of "Baltic Shipyard" in St. Petersburg or at JSC "PO" Sevmash "in Severodvinsk.

Nuclear-powered ships with innovative features replace the decommissioned nuclear-powered ships of the "Arctic". New icebreakers designed to intensify the navigation along the Northern Sea Route.

"If you pass on the Southern Corridor from West to East Court spend 45 to 50 days, then the NSR they can pass up to 28 days’, — A. Smirnov.

"Innovation icebreaker with a draft of up to eleven meters will be able to overcome the thickness of the ice fields of up to four meters", Smirnov said.

Nuclear powered icebreaker "Arktika» c nuclear power plant capacity of 53 MW guarantees wiring convoys through the ice only half the thickness. As noted by A. Smirnov, it significantly affects the duration of the navigation. He also added that the new icebreakers will vary due to the ballast draft, which will provide navigation along the Northern Sea Route as well as the mouths of the Siberian rivers.

OAO "CKB" Iceberg "is a leading design company in the design of icebreakers and ice-class vessels, including nuclear power plants.

Since the foundation of the project CCB built over hundreds of boats and ships. Among them are the world’s first nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin", the most powerful to date nuclear icebreakers of the "Arctic", a series of transport vessels "Amguema" vessels for the Arctic and Antarctic research "Mikhail Somov" and "Otto Schmidt", a large series small ice-breakers of various modifications, mother to serve the nuclear fleet. In cooperation with the firm "Wartsila Marine" (Finland) are constructed with limited draft icebreaker "Taimyr" and "Vaygach."

The main activities of the CDB — is the design:
— Powerful icebreakers in the Arctic
— Icebreaking cargo ships
— Multipurpose icebreakers, procurers for offshore oil
— Multi-purpose vessels and offshore supply vessels offshore oil
— Floating technical bases and general maintenance of ships with nuclear power plants
— Port icebreakers
— Research and survey vessels.

CDB "Iceberg" also has a number of state orders for designing ships for the Russian Navy.
Ksenia Kuznetsova, "RUSSIAN ARMS"
October 21, 2011

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