The newest set of EW infauna used in exercises Airborne

MOSCOW, October 3 — RIA Novosti. Division of electronic warfare (EW) of the Airborne Troops (VDV) run-in on the teachings of the newest complex "infauna", said Wednesday the official representative of the Navy, Colonel Alexander Kucherenko.

Special tactical exercises (TSU), electronic warfare units of formations and units were airborne in the last ten days of September.

"TCU was conducted with the use of the latest models of EW equipment, entered service in the Navy late 2011 — early 2012, including — mixed-use electronic warfare" infauna "based on the BTR-80 and of highly automated systems" Leer-2 "on the basis of armored car "Tiger" — said Kucherenko.

He noted that these complexes have shown high efficiency and confirmed the correctness of the chosen path to upgrade existing models of equipment and development of new electronic warfare for the Navy.

During the TSU Marines first tested the command of Navy developed a new organizational structure EW units that meet the modern requirements, said Kucherenko. "It would increase the funds signals intelligence and jamming of 1.5 times, which is significantly (15-20%) increases the effectiveness of their use in combat formations of units and military units during combat missions," — he explained.

Complex "infauna" adapted to the action directly in combat formations commando units and is designed to protect equipment and personnel from the radio-controlled mines and explosive devices, small melee weapons, as well as providing jamming enemy communications.


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