The newspaper Tomorrow: the meaning of Russian Space History

Offsite editorial board of the newspaper become a good tradition. The first one took place in October 2010 — then invited us to her nuns of the monastery of St. Bogolyubsky under Vladimir and their confessor, Archimandrite Peter (Kutcher). Worship, religious procession in memory of Eugene lithium Nefedov, immersion baptismal font in the monastery on the Nerl … Now, at the invitation of Vladimir Solntseva, general director of NPO "Energomash", which produces engines for space launch, visiting the editorial board of "Tomorrow" was held in the heart of the domestic space . Two of these events is symbolically connected to our past, present and future of Russia in the unity of the eternal. Offsite editorial board of the newspaper become a good tradition. The first one took place in October 2010 — then invited us to her nuns of the monastery of St. Bogolyubsky under Vladimir and their confessor, Archimandrite Peter (Kutcher). Worship, religious procession in memory of Eugene lithium Nefedov, immersion baptismal font in the monastery on the Nerl … Now, at the invitation of Vladimir Solntseva, general director of NPO "Energomash", which produces engines for space launch, visiting the editorial board of "Tomorrow" was held in the heart of the domestic space . Two of these events is symbolically connected to our past, present and future of Russia in the unity of the eternal.

PROKHANOV Alexander, chief editor of "Tomorrow".

Dear colleagues! Dear friends! 

Subject field meeting our editorial board, "Russian Space sense of history," may seem somewhat abstract and distant from the realities of the present, but, in fact, it is extremely lively and relevant. Today, the Russian state there without ideology, it tumbles through space and time, as the spacecraft has lost control, lost a coordinate system. 

Russian civilization — is a giant, stretching into prehistory, and a boundless future of the world. Its beginning, its origins, we can only guess through our language, through the Word, through some found by archaeologists and historians interpreted artifacts. Its end, if it exists, is also invisible, inaccessible to us, being the property of all kinds of prophecies and predictions. 

But now Russian civilization is now here, in this room, which contains, on the one hand, the best examples of advanced space technologies, and on the other — one of the best representatives of modern Russian thought, contemporary Russian culture.

Referring to the origins of Russian civilization, I want to say that our folklore, our folk tales and fairy tales — they are all absolutely cosmic character. They present the idea that the world is infinitely lasting struggle between light and darkness, life and death. These most ancient representation in the next generation of folklore, in the next generation of folk tales — are detailed. Russian consciousness begins to operate, for example, the category of rejuvenating apples that give man a new life. Prince Ivan throws in one pot to another, a third, in order to gain new strength, a new guise. Living water and dead water — is an ancient Russian phenomenology of consciousness, allowing resurrect, giving the victory over death. The ability to move in any direction at any speed — a tale about a flying carpet. Overcoming the lack of resources, including food resources — which is not enough to mankind on Earth and beyond that will have to go down to the ocean floor and climb into space — a tale of cloth on the ground, on a pot that brews unlimited amount of food. 

And, of course, phenomenology miracle. As a rapid, instantaneous transformation of the world inadequate, flawed world, the world of death — in a world full of strength, beauty, health and immortality. Russian consciousness is consciousness of living miracle. And even today, many of our people, realizing the hopelessness of the political and economic moment, believe in the Russian victory, based on the category of a miracle. 

When folk gave way to orthodox phenomenology, and the Russian people became Orthodox people, these problems are passed into the Orthodox consciousness, which, in essence, is the consciousness of overcoming death, consciousness, creation of a new earth and a new heaven. And Russian Orthodox phenomenology showed absolutely cosmic problems, problems making life of the people, the country and the state in the cosmic life. Thus, the elder Filofei, which approved the concept of Moscow — the Third Rome, said that the State with all its strength, all his forces: army, economy, political practice — should support this orthodox attitude associated with the realization of a miracle, the need for a different humanity, proper earth devices where there are justice, goodness and the highest spiritual and cosmic meanings. Patriarch Nikon (which may be better for us to tell the father Dmitry) established at Moscow, in the New Jerusalem, the launch site, which is believed to then Russian consciousness was going to happen the second coming of Jesus Christ. To this launch site was designated, it had its glide path. Under the Moscow from the holy land of Jerusalem was moved to the whole system of coordinates there and Calvary, and the Way of the Cross, and Jordan, and the Garden of Bethlehem and the Temple. Stunning Russian cosmist Nikolai Fyodorov, based on the Orthodox consciousness, on their ideas about the cosmos, has created a unique doctrine of the "resurrection of the fathers", believing that the connection of this great spiritual impulse, Orthodox mystique with technology, with science, physical, chemical, biological concepts — be able to make an awesome miracle to overcome death. Death is not only human but also the death of the universe, death, dying away portions of the universe. Apprentice Fedorov Konstantin Tsiolkovsky began to create formulas and drawings of rockets that were able to realize the dream of Fedorov. 

And so, this white space, which not only surrounds us in this room, but we are now seeing, in which we now live — he, in fact, his invisible spiritual roots sprouting from the whole national history. And the Soviet society was essentially public space. It was a space project to build a new humanity, a new society, which had triumphed heavenly, celestial, cosmic meanings, meanings of harmony and immortality. The Soviet project, based on the principle of justice, in essence, was a highly realized in 1945, when the country won a victory on a cosmic scale, a holy victory in the holy war. No wonder the Victory of 1945 — the victory of the military and spiritual victory — was then that Russian civilization into space. Victory Banner with the Reichstag was carried Gagarin space orbit. Unfortunately, after the Soviet Union collapsed, these meanings of space exploration were largely lost — were mainly technical issues. And the tasks performed by today's space, at first glance seem to be completely pragmatic: it is a war, it's intelligence, is to create a missile early warning stations, the creation of new weapons systems, capable of destroying enemy warheads, is the observation of the Earth's biosphere, it is possible, the creation of space stations for mining other planets. But the deep, long tasks to be put in front of him space and not tomorrow, maybe not even the next day — they are in the world is the same consciousness of space messianic humanity inherent in Russian civilization, Russian culture. In them, as in the grain contains entire development program in our history. Return to space will be connected with the salvation of those parts of the universe, dominated by entropy and chaos, where the second law of thermodynamics is absolute and where lights go out, and along with luminaries mind goes, goes conscience, goes ahead and dies mankind. 

The newspaper "Today" tries to formulate the problem of today's state of today's society, the return of Russia, the Russian people their space, Russia universal sense, tell me what that meaning is to create a perfect, absolutely perfect society, which is dominated by the supreme Creator's plan. Cosmic meaning to surround these sverhmashiny the spiritual atmosphere that is the essence of Russian history. If we can do that, and we explain to ourselves, and to the people and the authorities — who we are, where we are and where we are going. What programs should implement the state, as we have to treat the children to animals, to plants, to the stars, to the graves of our fathers, our future and past battles, to all mankind. The first word I want to give Broude Solntseva, who agreed to give us such a great place for discussion.

Vladimir the Sun, the general director of "Energomash".

Of course, we solve a specific scientific, technical and organizational issues, primarily related to our production, but is sure to feel pride in the history of Russia, which is an integral part of the past 80 years is the creation of liquid propellant engines for missiles. Today, 46% of space launches around the world performed on the engines of NPO "Energomash", and here Russia is in our face, we can say, the most advanced and strong positions.

Andrew FURSOV and historian.

Alexander A. said that in our history there are two very compelling victory dates: this May 9, 1945 and April 12, 1961. And these dates are linked not only by the fact that the flight of Yuri Gagarin consequence of Victory of 1945. Even apparently they are, so to speak, were designed the same way. May 9, 1945 people in a rush rushed to Red Square — they have not been persecuted, not summoned, he was a powerful instinctive and historical enthusiasm of the people who wanted to collectively survive the great hour of victory — with each other and with the government, which he felt togetherness. And a place of unity was to be the Red Square — a sacred place of Russian history, Russian power and the Russian government.

April 12, 1961 the same thing happened, and, in fact, it was the last event in Soviet history of spontaneous unity government and the people, narodovlastnoy symphony collegiality. Although the Soviet Union had to exist for three decades, although its gravediggers still hiding in rat holes, almost popping out of their nostrils and sniffing lasciviously to the spirit of the era, a time bomb has already started ticking.

1961 — REM year in our history. This is both its peak, the space tug Gagarin, as if standing on the shoulders of those who signed the Reichstag and was satisfied with its ruins, in the future, the world of the Great Rings, Efremov — and the beginning of the path down to the petty potreblyatstva swamp from which in 1980 — s get out water and other creatures of adjustment. The fact is that in 1961 at the XXII Congress of the CPSU (17-31 October 1961) in the new program of the CPSU was recorded that one of the main tasks of the party — meeting the material needs of the growing Soviet citizens. Thus, in the construction of communism was founded, to call a spade a spade, petty-bourgeois potreblencheskaya line; systemic anti-capitalism (and socialism was the system that is anti-capitalism) began to measure alien to his nature, the consumer market parameters, ie apply capitalist yardstick to assess the level of anti-capitalist society. It is clear that with such a yardstick to defeat capitalism in the ideological, anti psychohistorical impossible.

"Materialization", "reification" purposes of the CPSU, the materialization of communism — it was all sotsiosistemnaya bomb is much more powerful than antikultovsky Khrushchev's report. This is a social analogue blasted the penultimate day of the XXII Congress of the 58 megaton bomb (three thousand "Hiroshimas") on the New Earth. And this, of course, turn away from real socialism to what prevailed in the days and gorbachevschiny eltsinschiny. Rotate, symbolically marked the removal of October 31 of the same in 1961 Stalin's body from the mausoleum and dumping it at the Kremlin wall: psychohistorical it was the beginning of the end of Soviet communism.

1960 became a kind of milestone in the development of Soviet society, both socially and in the scientific and technical point of view — at the turn of the 1960s and 70s began braking scientific and technical progress (giving up his own computer program from the lunar program) . But in the West in the years the same thing happened — inhibition of scientific and technological progress, scientific and industrial development. In fact, during this period changed the vector of development of mankind, or more precisely, it changed those who control the power (energy), property / resources (material) and the media (for information). If the era of 1945-75 years. after the French sociologist Jean Fourastié be called "glorious thirtieth" looking to the future, then replaced it thirty years 1980 — 2010 years. could be described as infamous, and has turned to the past — in spite of all the computer revolution and globalization together.

Scientific, technological and social progress of mankind and the West in particular, made in the 1950s-60s, has led to increased social positions of the middle class and a large part of the working class. At some point, it began to turn into a political threat to the top of the world capitalist class. The response on the part of the neo-liberal counter-revolution has slowed the scientific and industrial development of the West. The choice in favor of the development of information technology ("post-industrial"), and not a full-fledged new industrial breakthrough was pure class. New information technologies, first of all, did not require numerous working class, and second, their development opened up new and unprecedented opportunities to manipulate people, their behavior, consciousness, the possibilities of social control. 

Anti-scientific and antipromyshlennomu neoliberal turn was preceded by the ideological and propaganda training: in 1962 at the Rockefeller money was created environmental (antipromyshlennoe) movement, then the light produced by the movement of sexual minorities, the feminist movement and the youth subculture ("rock-drug-sex"). Well, in the 1980s, along with the neo-liberal counter-revolution launched an offensive fantasy — a genre that replaced science fiction. Fantasy — the future as the past, futuroarhaichesky world hierarchy, built on access to magical powers and, of course, totally undemocratic. 

The timing inhibition of scientific and technical progress in the USSR and in the West at the turn of the 1960s and 70s is no accident. It was then that began to form an alliance between the Western-globalist corporatocracy create their new structure (the "Club of Rome", "Trilateral Commission" and the like, which hides the older and powerful organization), and a part of the Soviet nomenclature related to foreign trade and the Soviet shadow economy. This alliance won (1989-1991 gg.), Removing almost all existing at the time the obstacles on the path of globalization. 

In today's world there are two objective of the project of the future. More precisely, the future and the future, which are different from each other as the world Dara Wind from the world of Darth Vader. The essence of the latter is the de-industrialization, globalization, ie, a world in which the industry is concentrated in specific areas (mainly in East and South Asia), the world's total population, compared to the current reduced by 80-90%, a world organized on caste basis with an almost biological differences castes. This is a project specific part of the Western establishment, for which there is a number of lodges, clubs, religious orders and neordenskih organizations and possibly some other structures "masters of history" (B.Dizraeli). An important role in the realization of this project cannibalistic play some "environmental" and "environ-ITATION" organizations, which are almost no secret of their goals and express the need to reduce the pressure on the nature of the human masses. Supervising a 1976 WWF (World Wild Fund) Britain's Prince Consort Philip (the same one — the hero of sex scandals and pornoalbomov British elite of the 1950s-60s) has publicly stated that in the future life would return to Earth deadly virus, once and for all solve the problem of overpopulation of the planet. The sharp decline in the population of the Earth — one of the central points of the agenda that is pushed globalizers and which surprisingly similar goal-setting Third Reich and its projects "new world order". 

The alternative project of global de-industrialization and depopulation can only be neoindustrial jerk. The nation-state can not be a subject of the neo-industrial program: first, it is severely undermined by globalization, and secondly, the majority of the population is less than 250-300 million., Ie of the demographic potential, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the modern world. In individual nation-state (of course, except for a few giants, and in this case, there are nuances) is not enough either political-economic or demographic forces to overcome the resistance of the globalists with their supranational governance structures and alignment or out of their control. Need a fundamentally new organization — imperopodobnoe education. We are talking about a large supranational state formation of a unitary type with a population of at least 300 million people. This formation, the core of which is the military-industrial complex, the military and intelligence agencies, and may become the subject of a strategic action that will make neoindustrial spurt and eventually will break plans of the globalists, and if need be, their own. Of course, the army and the security services have to be updated, adequate new conditions. So, today the need fundamentally new security services that can work with huge amounts of public information and misinformation, rather than counteracting the States, as a supra-national, network, etc. neoordenskim structures, guided by the analysis of the laws of history (real, not the one that was composed for the profane and facilities management), mass processes. I call these updated intelligence cognitive intelligence or cognitive-analytic structures and otvozhu them a central place in the nucleus imperopodobnyh formations, they — this is the service of the imperial security, scientific and analytical units "in one person." And, of course, imperopodobnye education should be directed to space, as in the 1960s, was letting humanity and its vanguard — the USSR. 

Gennady bellies, artist.

I would like to say that, for me, the word "space" is associated with a mad joy. After the war, we were extremely happy. We looked out of the garden's first satellite … And when Gagarin flew — it was such a joy! While living in Siberia, far away from the very same Red Square, which was mentioned by Andrei Ilyich, we have not been able to escape to a sacred place, but luck was incredible. And I think that we do not just live in reality — we are committed to the cosmos, as to happiness. Now I am among the masterpieces. What is a masterpiece? Masterpiece — a work which is created at the right time in the right place with the right quality, with a greater sense of fit. What I see here — it's masterpieces. This is what will allow us to create our future, and it will be fine. 

Maxim Kalashnikov, writer and futurist.

Space must be connected with the work to achieve the immortality of man. Now in Russia there is a social movement "Russia-2045". The meaning of it — indeed achieve immortality of man. To the first part of life, a person held in a biological disguise, and then had the opportunity to "relocate" your brain into an artificial body, or — but that's a long shot — all in an artificial medium.

If we implement this synthesis (I'm talking very promising), then we can, in fact, give rise to just such cyborgs. And send them to distant worlds for remote space expansion, reaching new heights. It is, in fact, the reconstruction of severely damaged the Big Man, and heavily damaged Big Dreams. If you combine these two directions — it will break the global level, we receive and immortality, and expansion into deep space, and the future of technology in our life on earth, and the revival of the person as such. We will overcome the consequences of the liberal dehumanization that occurred the last 30 years, and the world will follow us. If we start such projects here in the Russian Federation — yes, let it be burnt place, parched land after the death of the Soviet Union, but it will be a great "assembly point" — these mega-projects will enable us to draw the best brains and technology from around the world. An alternative to all this, I can only see new onset of the Dark Ages, the creation of a new class society, embodied the world of fantasy, or something like "The Hunger Games" in the flesh. Where there is a shining city of the Lord, and the 12 districts of slaves, by which a society lives. I think we need to make space weapons in the fight for the future. I think that all the conditions for that. Synthesis of Fedorov's desire for immortality and human space expansion, I think — it's the same golden link for which we can draw out all of humanity.

Mikhail Delyagin, an economist.

Let me just add a few details.

First of all, for me the plant — it is a temple of the human genius. Not dead — Forgiving and vseterpyaschy — but alive, in which a person is in a continuous co-work with God.

And for this reason, it is completely compatible with the major project of modern mankind, which is a global management class of the West. This project is in full, irreconcilable with all of nature and all the natural tendency of man, including his desire for co-working with God. Roughly speaking, the meaning of this project — a return to the new Middle Ages, in which the main part of any society will be composed of dark, hammered and powerless serfs, not daring even to think about what they have whatever rights in the face of their illustrious and incomprehensible to them rulers .

The project return to the new Middle Ages today is for two reasons.

First, because of the general and quite apparent helplessness in the global crisis, which is growing rapidly and will break the world into hell of a new global depression. And when you can not see how you can solve the problem, you stop thinking about her decision: let everything will collapse, and the main thing — to save himself. It's understandable, though shocking at people in positions of authority, the instinctive psychological reaction.

The second reason for trying to shove the new humanity in the "dark ages" — selfishness global elites that are a result of complex historical processes completely free from external control. They have neither the voters nor the taxpayers, or even shareholders — for private ownership of a large business is dead, and its shareholders want it to be retired, and nothing more.

Freed from any external control global managing class spontaneously creates the world in their own selfish interests, creating a new caste society. Agree with him can only be intimidated people — and we see a consistent randomization of all life, not only in world politics to intimidate people to a state of medieval peasants huddled to "own" the robber barons.

With the new caste society can accept only stupid people — and we see a consistent mental debilitation — if only one Russian — but most of the developed world by reforming the education system in the interests of the customer, "educational services" — society and the monopolist to deliver them — teaching housing. Elite, who made it bring democracy to her self-denial (as they did in many other ways), pursued their distinct interests: the creation of new castes.

Unfortunately, the Russian society and culture, as usual, are ahead of all of humanity, demonstrating a mad pack of liberal lemmings their future.

The fact that a quarter of a century ago, it seemed a disaster of the Soviet system, and ten years — the tragedy of our country, today revealed its true scale.

This is a disaster universal, common to all mankind, a disaster dehumanization of man, his dehumanization, returning it back to the individual are inseparably fused swarm of community, even if distributed on social networks …

Global monopoly in its outrage threatened the future of not only the medieval social order, but also the destruction of a modern infrastructure and thereby to the intolerable conditions of life for mankind.

Perhaps it was the understanding of the possibilities of this "grow legs" bothersome predictions about the extinction of the majority of modern humanity. After all, there are no objective reasons for this in the form of constraints on other resources (including, of course, modern technology) simply does not. If we assume as a base case the destruction of much of modern-tion technology infrastructure — everything "fell into place."

It is clear that this scenario should be opposed. Moreover, it must be stopped at all costs.

And the future of barbarism opposed only the technology — and for me a very great honor to be here, because "Energomash" — is one of the very few places in the world where a new humanity can rise, a new project with a capital letter — and the Humanities, and technological.

Entity that would implement it, while, unfortunately, no: we did not create. But if you persist islands such technological Atlantis, then it will be able to rise above the water. Just because the global crisis is the destruction of the old dogmas, which are now still regarded as immutable, and baring their anti-human nature makes them unacceptable. In addition, the global crisis is not the world to Russia, which, as in the 30s, gives us a new strategic opportunities.

If we descend from the global to the regional level, we will see that this technology provides an objective assembly of the preserved part of the Union. It's a classic example, 70% of your income — export revenues, but it is only 40% goes to the "far abroad", and 30% in Ukraine. Rocket and space cooperation — one of scrapie, which until now, at the technological level keep the Soviet Union, keep our unity.

Alexey Belyaev-GINTOVT, artist.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the entire Soviet symbols — the star and the compound spike, space and earth. Egyptian priests on the location of Sirius in the sky calculated the flood of the Nile and the start of field work. If you look closely, for example, Exhibition — is a solid spike and the emanation of meeting the star. That were spilled across the Soviet architecture, graphics, lived across the Soviet culture, but here the concentration has reached a certain limit. Actually, there is not anything else. This, of course, influenced the new architectural forms, and as the European sotavlyaet ENEA, it worked out in detail, and as a return to the Russian aesthetics, the elements of temple construction, if desired, can be seen at ENEA. And now truly lacking new imagery of a large project. In this case, we are discussing the Russian Space Art. And his small forces, their limited resources I'm trying to imagine this image as best I can. And I would like the brothers to those who could respond, to take part in the creation of sverhestetiki where paradoxically space meets tradition in the first place with the Russian tradition. For I believe in the triumph of the project.

Fedor Girenok and philosopher.

I previously reported a topic that will be discussed here, and I got ready. How to prepare? He took a piece of "Pigeon Book," a fragment of Soloviev's article "Russia and the Universal Church," and would like to draw your attention to the Russian Space Art. And I remember when in the Soviet era wrote a thesis on the subject, she took the statement in the propaganda department. And it was, although the magazine "Problems of Philosophy" article was published. I still kept notes of the editorial board, saying that if it is said, "Russian Space Art", there must be a German Space Art, and American, etc.

Thus, the Russian Space Art. Let me read the text of the "pigeon books." Things that we are discussing is in fact well-known, but not always carefully thought out. So, the first quote. "We have taken the white light — from the Lord. red sun — from the world of God, bright young alike month — from his breast, white Dawns — from the eyes of God, the stars are frequent — from his train, violent winds — from the Holy Spirit, peace, God's people — from Adam. Strong bones taken from the stone, our Teles — from raw land. " Here, in these lines, marked the most important thing — the adequacy of the world. The world is understood as understood people. What follows from this proportionality? First. No mention of the Logos, is said about the wisdom of the world, and said that in the future will receive naming Sofia. The Sophian — means opposition to rationality. Not even the opposition — the activity of rational structures simply not taken into account. The Sophian suggests — it is important not to understand and inhabit the world. If a person is commensurate with the world, we get a space that can inhabit — where we are, there is space. Space is not somewhere, somewhere, somewhere out there … No, where we — there he is. And the key word — not his wisdom, and habitability and lived-in. 

And now a quote from Solovyov. "But a sophianic, it is very strange, it is fraught with problems, the problems that we are experiencing. And they are associated with the word "chaos". The fact that sophianic — a certain mediation is that, on the one hand, is a procedure with the other hand — chaos … This is what can be a reasonable, and that, on the other hand, it is unreasonable. Here is a strange formation — The Sophian. " 

So, there is the word "chaos". The fact that the Space Art — he sofien and a sophianic involves a strange job of chaos. Here, for example, that even Solovyov says, "God wants chaos. Chaos is in God. And there is likened to His truth. But God loves chaos and nothingness to him. He wants us to last this existed, because he is able to return it to its unity. So God gives freedom to chaos. " What does this mean? This means that Sofia is essentially converts some plural different to an integer. But it's always turning borders on chaos. Again, chaos — is the natural state of being for Sophian. Contacting the chaos, or dive into chaos. So I wanted to tell you that the Russian Space Art — still fraught with dangers of entering the spaces of chaos. Where nothing is impossible. And then a sophianic has one property. Wonderful property, it is this — when all is dismembered, when it is not completely rely on that — The Sophian and manifests. Then suddenly it turns unanimity. Completely irrational way, surprising agreement. And if we can hope for something in this world in which we live — it is only on this strange Suddenly, this obscure, strange The Sophian, which may suddenly appear in some consent and collecting and split into multiple unit.

Vladislav Shurygin, deputy editor of the newspaper "Tomorrow".

To the philosophical and ideological aspects of the problem under discussion, I would like to add a geopolitical aspect, because we are exactly where created and guaranteed the sovereignty and independence of Russia in XXI century. If you do a little history, we see a desire to control land from external to her measurements and spaces. At first it was a naval expansion, then rise into the air. "Who controls the sky, controls the earth" — this slogan effectively ended the First World War and under the same hosted the Second World War. By the end of the twentieth century, the basic concept of the war was the war in the skies and space. And an ancient horror Celts, who were afraid that the sky will fall on their heads, at the end of the twentieth century shared many nations. Many of those who are present here, were in Yugoslavia, Iraq, and must remember it is quite eerie feeling that we are living in the Soviet Union and then in Russia, by the providence of God had not yet experienced, and I want to believe , do not experience — the feeling of powerlessness, the feeling that the sky above your head you do not belong, that there are death and destruction … 

Space is present in the concept of aerospace war first in terms of intelligence and surveillance, then appeared the program "Star Wars", which quickly turned into the main space, and the most promising field of battle. 

But the military situation has always depended on what state the our space industry. You may recall that the first agreement on missile defense in 1972 was proposed by the Americans and was signed at a time when our achievements in space and put the U.S. in front of the threat that we will be the first to take nuclear weapons into space, we will be the first to be able to put anything compelling blow — and the Americans agreed to sign the treaty. Again, you can remember when there was the notorious SDI — Strategic Defense Initiative. It comes at a time when the Americans the illusion that they are about to beat us into space, where they had a "shuttle", which seems to allow them to pick up all the space that you want, and then — given the ability to control all of the near-Earth space. When it turned out that it was a fail, and when we came to the same boundary, SDI blown away and left only in the form pugalki nursing leaders late Soviet Union. When there was a new missile defense, missile defense today? When the Americans came again the illusion that the space they will be able to finally create impregnable base from which will be able to monitor any point on the planet Earth, they unilaterally withdrew from the treaty in 1972. But here, being here, among these perfect space vehicles — we can all see that the next attempt to win Americans absolute control over the planet will end in nothing. Charged with the local energy by watching how and what is done here, you begin to realize that in fact we have one path, the one portal, which is open to the future and guarantee us a sovereign and independent future worthy of a great country, which Russia was, is and I believe it will!

Catherine GLUSHIK, writer and journalist.

Since childhood I was attracted sky. Starry sky. In front of the word "space" in awe. Watched the thematic programs, collected books, articles, … I dreamed to be an astronomer. 

Once, at the end of TV shows dedicated to Sergei Korolyov, his companions, and the transfer we saw literally breathless, my mother, the person is not enthusiastic, discreet, just as there are majestically restrained women from Russian villages, said as if to herself, "If would not people, we are-what? What we are — without them? "And this was reflected understanding of the greatness of people deciding the great tasks, awareness of the scale of their acts, worship of mind, austerity, the grateful awareness that they have raised to the heights: the ideas, knowledge, spirit of service, technical achievements. Unconditional recognition that they — the height. The indisputable authority.

I myself have invented a cosmic engine — a school essay about the flights to other galaxies. As the fastest — it's the thought and the most powerful — it's the thought that space ship, I decided, would be flying at a speed of thought and the power of thought. The engine was run on the power of the human intellect. The astronauts were not the only people physically strong, but high intellectuals. They are in the cockpit flight control keeping your mental effort and sent the ship to the given point in the universe. 

I did not become an astronomer, but the worship of the people who pick up a man into space, even awe in front of them retained.

Priest Demetrius (SHMELEV).

I am very closely following the publications of Alexander Andreyevich Prohanova dialogues with representatives of the defense industry. This is a very interesting interview because people speak openly about what is happening in the workplace. I do not remember which one of the designers was your counterpart, but the situation he describes as follows: The company is in a good economic position, workers decent wages, machinery, equipment, new and modern, but productivity is still low. Work is still a lot, and the efficiency is small when compared with what is happening in Western countries. No. leadership businesses looking for new approaches, new management to motivate employees. Money alone does not work. The case of exponential

I think the reason is that we have lost the concept of the mission, the mission of the people. 

The Russian people about the concept of his mission is always present. Before the revolution it was associated with preservation of purity of the Orthodox faith and of the power that keeps the faith. During the Soviet period, which, in my opinion, is an extreme form of the Reformation, which affected the society, but not the church ("Building the Kingdom of God without God"), also attended the concept of vocation. Our country has given the world to drive a Nazi concentration camp and carried out a breakthrough into space, we liberated from colonial slavery more than half of humanity, including the great China, as for some reason people forget.

In Marxist textbooks written that the fall of the colonial system — this is a natural process, but I, as an officer in the Soviet Armed Forces, a little personally participated in this natural process. Out of our hands, out of the hands of the Soviet people, the majority of mankind gained freedom from the world of mammon, the freedom of choice of a new way. 

Soviet mission was devoid formulated divine dimension, and therefore was not eternal, but it existed.

Designer Cat which drove to Moscow frosty fields tank, where we had to win the war. Drove and died. Or rocket scientists who created the space miracle that the monks simply lived in their size. What money, fame or management could encourage them to work? They lived sense of duty, his destiny.

The idea of the mission must return to the life of our people, or we will disappear. The idea of universal consumption, bogateniya or some purely technocratic idea can not be at the heart of this mission. The once unique Byzantine Empire was not only the guardian of purity of the Orthodox faith, but also the various scientific, economic, military, diplomatic and other technologies that are essential to maintaining the faith of the encroachment of alien peoples. Only after the destruction and looting of Byzantium began in the West, the era of the Renaissance in all areas, except the spiritual (in the true sense of the word). 

On approval of the Third Rome and the New Jerusalem on Russian soil as Radel once Patriarch Nikon, his work has occurred over the centuries predetermined the unification of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, around Russia, as one great Orthodox state, the legitimate heir of Byzantium and is the world mamonolyubivomu different path. On these paths we need to return, and the Soviet experience of our stories will help us in creating a powerful Orthodox, technologically advanced nation that carries humanity freedom from domination "fininterna" and global molesters, is the light and salvation of the Christian faith.

This is my personal opinion, based on the knowledge of Russian history and church and my faith.

Leo Danilkina, writer, literary critic.

The Old Testament shows that about three thousand years ago in the possession of the Jews was the so-called Ark of the Covenant with the tablets. There are a lot of assumptions about what properties the artifact, but if you carefully read the Bible, we see that one of the properties of this object was to work as a unit of weightlessness. He had the property lift people caught around it in the air. The Jews used this mysterious object and as a weapon. After about several alternatives centuries it has been broken or lost, no further traces of it are lost. There is reason to believe that different people at different times owned them the ark, there is reason to believe that he was not just anywhere, but it is in Russian. And the possession of this mysterious objects and determined the fate of the nation. We are seeing throughout the history of Russia, and the last centuries, realized that the structural pattern: a nation of people who are drawn up into space. It is no accident, of course, there was this philosophy Russian cosmism, were not random events Nikolai Fedorov, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Sergei Korolyov, Valentin Glushko, Yuri Gagarin, and all of our space project. I do not know, looked like the Ark of the Covenant, but the nation, in whose possession it was, began to copy it and use it as a weapon. And these here are amazing structures, among which we find ourselves, and which serve the purpose just to send a man into space, to overcome the force of gravity — they look so much like this Ark of the Covenant as soon as possible. I think if it's stored somewhere, then it's possible here in this building.

Alexander Nagorny, deputy editor of the newspaper "Tomorrow."

There have already been affected by the many communication problems of space and Russian traditions cosmism the same technological breakthrough that Russian civilization took place in the Soviet period. However, we must first of all define the same time, what are the cosmic perspective of our country and what they depend on. We need to figure out the most effective ways and means to return to those heights, in which Soviet Russia was? To find answers to these questions should refer to the experience of the past and above all — to the ideas and experience of academician Valentin Petrovich Glushko, who was not only a brilliant engineer, technologist, a scientist — he was still thinking about the system structure of humanity in the world, in the universe. Has his comic book about the exploitation of space, asteroids and planets, he researched these issues seriously in the mid 20s. the last century. Glushko already thought about the fate of the planet and the role of space in the preservation and development of human civilization. And in the 70s Valentin proposed reform path of socio-economic system of the Soviet Union. He spoke of the need for more flexible management structures, which should have given a new impetus to the development of the Soviet Union with access to an absolutely first in the world. He was looking to organic compounds and effective centralized mechanism of power, capable of forging the necessary forces and resources to move forward — to the state of human freedom necessary for such a movement was the most effective and successful: individual liberty, freedom of creativity and freedom of collective consumption . And as shown by the experience of China, these basic elements are absolutely necessary today to return to Russia on the path of progress, on the cutting edge of human civilization. Under the guidance of blind leaders of the "fininterna" can not go to the organic growth or our country or to humanity at large. And in Soviet Russia we were much closer to the correct strategic decisions than at this stage. We should return to the experience of the USSR and the proposals Glushkov. In other words, we have to use not only the spiritual ideal, but purely pragmatic aspects that Russian and Soviet civilization offered to the rest of the world in the past and may offer in the future.

Andrei Zhukov, an entrepreneur.

I represent one of the many fragments of "red-brown empire" that a quarter century has served it faithfully, and the last twenty years of experience in various business projects, mainly in the territory of Russia …

Somewhere about half a year ago I heard one of the TV channels speech Dmitry Medvedev, the then President of the Russian Federation. And he said, in effect, that our Constitution does not recognize any ideology in a state or obligatory. I was surprised and even specifically looked the text of the Constitution. Yes, this norm there spelled out in Article 13. What put me in second thoughts about it. In the end, I came to the conclusion that ideology as a single, complete and integrated system of views on the world, our country and society in their current form simply not ripe. We are really talking from side to side, and not according to our will, which today is simply absent. This applies to all aspects of Russian life, where the goal is not prevail, and habits.

If we look at how to develop the space industry in the United States, we see that in 1965, when NASA was created, before it was set very clear objectives, namely, by 1970 Americans need to land on the moon. To do this, focused enormous resources, and they were able to solve the task. As Stalin acted in space? He was chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR — it was his primary position, although he is the greatest politician, has created some absolutely independent, subject only Predsovmina, offices. Management number 1 — nuclear project. Management number 2 — for some reason Sevastopol. Management number 3 — all because of the rocket-space theory and practice, No. 4 — an electronic communication, electronics. Through this decision, he introduced the concept of management tools. These solutions Stalin in 1945 and 1947 formed the basis of our economy, laid the foundation for decades of separation of management actions. But today, this ideology, unfortunately, no. 

Ideology — is the goal to which our society should aspire. Society must mature. Society should identify those people who not only formulate an ideology, but also will be able to solve the problems arising from it. If this does not happen, the developments in the next two to three years will be very sad. I would not like it.

Vladimir Winnick, cultural studies.

I would like to again return to the topic of our discussion, "Russian Space sense of civilization." What is the Russian civilization and how it relates to the edge of your space? After all, of course, that the cosmos — it's not just what the top. Space — this is everything that surrounds us, and the space within us, a universe in which there are, as we have seen, defined and very stable laws. Russian civilization, like any other civilization — is also part of the cosmos. And we have to understand that where it starts any other civilization, civilization ends there Russian and vice versa, where Russian civilization begins, ends there any other civilization. 

I say this to the fact that the once popular and are still arguing about what Russia: Europe or Asia, Eurasia or Aziopa — in fact, does not make any sense. Russia — Russia, Russia. It seems to be a tautology. But in fact — the statement of the self, irreducibility to some other, supposedly more common values or events.

And here we are literally stumble upon a most important concept of borders, of which there still seems to be mentioned. This is true not only of frontiers, which were moved from the land into the sea, then into the air and then — in the space. This applies to the borders of information, language, values, defining the inner content and the inner meaning of a civilization. 

So what is the inner meaning of our bears, Russian civilization? Trying to answer this question, I want to draw your attention to the well-known passage of the "Tale of Bygone Years", which states that "there was a way out of the Vikings to the Greeks." This is not only a way of Scandinavia and the Baltic to the Crimea, where were the Greek colonies of the time … Path of the Vikings to the Greeks — it is also a symbolic way from paganism to Orthodoxy. That is not only spatial, but also the spiritual path. 

Russian civilization — is first of all civilization Way, in its various manifestations, including space, immediately recognizable around the world, the word "satellite". And the way — it's not only the connection between other civilizations, but also keeping them in certain coordinates. Therefore, the cosmic dimension of Russian civilization was absolutely inevitable rejection of the Russian space will constitute a waiver of Russia itself.

Andrew Fefelov, deputy editor of the newspaper "Tomorrow."

First of all I would like to emphasize the uniqueness of the present moment, when the inner sanctum of space production, at the intersection of the humanities and high technology is an ideological debate. By itself, this synthesis is precious, important and, I think, represents the beginning of a new tradition, which must necessarily continue. But our forum, besides more and glubokosimvolichen because expresses the breadth, universalism, the Russian Space Art consciousness. 

Anyone with any people connected with the cosmos, as an integral part of it. The people — the breath of God, all peoples have come to a sense of the cosmos. But why is the nature, scale thinking of the Russian people can be called the cosmic character? 

Two hundred years ago, Peter Y. Chaadaev noted that the Russian village reminiscent of some temporary housing. With great skepticism, he said that the Russian ride through the village — and there is a feeling that people are stopped for half an hour, even though they have lived here for centuries. Perhaps for that — again, very skeptical — as the passage time and is the secret of Russian cosmism? 

We — nativists, for all the time talking about his native land. However, we feel the ground they are not in the form of some tiny village, not in the form of private allotment. In Russian — not specific, but global thinking, we think in terms of space, in terms of the ecumene. In this sense, the desire to break out of the gravity field of the Earth Mother, the desire to grow — it is inherent in us, and that it is probably related to the Russian national character. I am sure our rootlessness, homelessness, non-attachment to the little things of everyday life — it's just the flip side of cosmic thinking. 

We believe that our earthly vale will create a start-up conditions for a breakthrough. Crush barriers!

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