The next new Mi-26 for the Russian Air Force

At the factory airfield "Rostvertol" in Rostov-on-Don, there are two new Mi-26 helicopter built by the enterprise for the Russian Air Force and having side numbers "yellow 01" and "02 Yellow". Presumably, the machine made a refueling configuration Mi-26TZ. This is the fifth and sixth helicopters Mi-26, made "Rostvertol" under contract in 2010 with the Ministry of Defense of Russia for the supply of 18 new machines. The first four Mi-26 helicopter of new construction under the contract have been delivered to the Russian Air Force later in 2011.

True, there is some confusion or inaccuracy. Since "02 yellow" already exists:

Well, a few good photos of other new Mi-26 set last year:

Please note, at the side of 05 and 06 in the blue cabin hanging dragon and elephant. :)

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